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The Christmas Light of Hope

The Christmas Light of Hope

Brothers and sisters,

Once again, people are gathered all over the world to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ our Saviour; that sacred day of Christmas when we get to sing ‘Joy to the World’ for the Child is born. Through His birth, the Lord entered into our humanity. In His birth, we are introduced to a unique way of God’s love for all people, irrespective of gender and race. It is love in a world in need of peace and dignity for all. This love of God, shown in sending His Son to redeem the world, is a reminder that as human beings our journey on earth is for a short time.

As we celebrate, light candles, dance to wonderful songs and eat our favourite delicacies, let’s not forget to embrace the love that comes with Christ’s birth.

Let us open our hearts to Him so He may be born in us. Let us prayerfully examine our lives so we seek to build stronger relationships with Him – and with our neighbours.

It’s my prayer and hope that we let love and compassion reign for all children and women who are injured, deprived, hungry, homeless and hopeless; especially in the war-torn parts of the Middle East, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Israel/Palestine, Venezuela, Colombia, and many more. May solidarity, hospitality and love be our light during this season. Let the tyrant regimes that continue to oppress their people experience repentance, forgiveness and mercy as the light of Christ transforms their attitudes and behaviour.

Brothers and sisters, our world is wounded. Our people are fractured and on the move. The logic of development, and its methods, are marked by exclusion and environmental degradation.

Christ’s birth calls on us to love each other – because it is through love that the whole world can be healed.

May Christmas bestow upon us a renewed desire to build future societies founded on values of empathy, love, dignity, solidarity, joy and hope.

Let the Christmas light of hope and love shared by Jesus Christ bring joy and peace!

~ Dr Agnes Abuom Moderator, World Council of Churches Central Committee

Excerpted with permission from In This Light by Archbishop Justin Welby, copyright Justin Welby.

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Your Turn

This Advent as we wait in hope, let’s remember the love of Christ and share His love with the world around us. With the downtrodden, the sick, our brothers and sisters who need His hope. How will you share His light this season? Come share with us. We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily