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The Divine Identity

The Divine Identity

A divine identity affirms that human beings are made up of more than flesh and bones; we are also spiritual beings, made in the image of God. For the Christian, a divine identity answers the question of who you are by first knowing who God is.

  • What you believe about your Creator will impact your personal belief system, shaping your morals, values, and behavior around that knowledge.

For instance, believing He is aloof or distant can lead to limiting beliefs about how you see yourself and the world around you. Believing that God is a kind and benevolent Father can lead to a more optimistic outlook on your future.

Who does God say He is? For starters, He is loving, holy, just, gracious, sovereign, merciful, and forgiving. This loving Creator has a lot to say about who you are as well: you are a child of God made in His image; you are chosen, known, accepted, and loved by Him.

Divine identity isn’t consumed by feelings like a modern identity is, nor does it treat feelings as irrelevant, like a traditional identity does. 

The divine identity is based on the solid rock of who God is and who He says you are.

Emotions are important in the realm of divine identity. They serve as a barometer, indicating if we are truly living in light of our divine identity or if there’s an issue that we must attend to. If we are fearful, we need to determine where the fear is coming from, why, and what needs to change in light of our divine identity.

Not only that, but having a divine identity offers us a lens with which to see others. When our identity is in a God who created all people, we are more likely to treat all people with value, honor, and respect. When you have a divine identity, you have positioned yourself to live with purpose and to have an eternal impact. Studies demonstrate that when someone’s identity is linked to their beliefs in God, they contribute more to society and are more charitable in their giving. They volunteer more with acts of service. They are also more virtuous in character.

Faith and character, both of which spring from a divine identity, knowing and believing who God says you are, stand at the top of the identity hierarchy. While you can’t change some simple facts about yourself, you always can grow in faith and character and continue to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.


I am an important member of God’s body, designed with a unique purpose to serve His Kingdom, and I seek to lift up and serve other members of the body. 


I have made too many mistakes and have too many flaws to truly be a divine being made in His image.

Adapted with permission from Think This, Not That by Dr. Josh Axe, copyright Dr. Josh Axe.

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Your Turn

Do you feel like you’re too imperfect to be chosen by God? Does it seem like you can’t possibly be made in His image considering your track record? Maybe you need to change where you get your identity. God Almighty calls you His! Come share your thoughts on finding your identity in Jesus. We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily