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The Final Reset

The Final Reset

For all the justified criticism that has been leveled against the great reset, there is one point the great resetters have right. There is one point we can all agree on.

  • This world desperately needs a great reset. We need more than a simple tune-up. We need a total transformation.

Our planet is groaning and heaving. War, social and racial unrest, shattered families, surging suicide, runaway debt, inflation, deadly new viruses, drug and alcohol abuse, rising lawlessness, and political polarization are coalescing to drive civilization to its knees. In today’s environment, good news can be difficult to find. Hope is in short supply. Our world is increasingly weary, worried, and worn. Something has to change. Something big. We all know it. We all know deep down inside that this world is not what it is supposed to be. We all yearn for things to be much better. We imagine utopia on earth — a new world order — a great society permeated with peace and prosperity, where everything is made right. But how in the world could that ever come to pass?

Is it even remotely possible? If so, who can possibly pull it off? Is there any hope?

This final, ultimate reset we need for planet Earth will not come as a result of human effort, no matter how heroic. Humanity has created the mess, and humanity cannot fix the mess, as hard as we might try. It just keeps getting worse. The reset will not be produced by climate change advocates, the WEF, the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, peaceful protests, economic equality, the US government, the Chinese government, better laws, world religions, nuclear disarmament, or peace treaties.

  • The only true Global Resetter is God.

Only the Creator can be the Re-Creator. Only the One who set the world in motion can reset it back to its original condition. God is the “Great Resetter,” and the work of total transformation will commence on the day when He sends Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, back to planet Earth just as He promised two thousand years ago when Jesus ascended back to heaven. When Jesus fulfills that promise and comes back to earth, everything will change. His return to planet Earth is the fulcrum of history. All hope for this dying, broken, disintegrating world flows from the reality that he is coming again to conquer and receive the inheritance that Adam and Eve forfeited in the garden. He will do it.

In 47 BC at the Battle of Zela, the Roman army under Julius Caesar soundly defeated the forces of King Pharnaces, who fought the Romans for control of Pontus in Asia Minor. After his victory, Caesar returned to Rome and made his famous announcement, “Veni, vidi, vici.” “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Some seventeen hundred years later, a Polish military strategist, King John III Sobieski, led a brilliant campaign to drive the Ottoman invaders out of central Europe. Leading a force of twenty-five thousand men, he came to the aid of the German emperor Leopold I and beat the invaders back to the walls of Vienna, saving the city and the emperor. The Polish king was given audience before Pope Innocent XI, who congratulated him on his victory. King John’s reply was classic: “I came, I saw, God conquered.”

So shall it be in the last days. God will destroy the evil forces of hell and the wicked armies of the earth at the triumphal return of Jesus. Jesus will come, the world will see, and God will conquer. That will be the glorious consummation of history and the climax of this age.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before Jesus comes to initiate the final, great global reset, there will be a great tribulation — a time worse than any period in history up to that point. Jesus spelled it out.

For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. — Matthew 24:21

A great tribulation will precede global transformation. Things on this earth are going to get worse, much worse, before they get better. All the destabilizing forces we see at work in our world today will multiply and intensify and peak in the earth’s final days.

Excerpted with permission from Global Reset by Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley, copyright Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley.

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