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Top 10 Tommy Nelson Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Tommy Nelson Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, our family is giving gifts a little differently than we have in years past.

Instead of allowing our kids to circle catalog after catalog or even fill out a massive Christmas list, we sat down and got a little more intentional with them.

We didn’t want Christmas to be ALL about the gifts. You see, it has felt for months now like every time we go in a store and our kids see something they like, they say, “I’m putting that on my Christmas list!”

Not only were those lists in their minds getting out of control, but we wanted Christmas to have a different focus: the REAL focus of celebrating Christ’s birth and the gift He gave to each and every one of us.

We’d also been noticing that with so many gifts under the tree, no single gift seemed to be that special.

So this year, we’re giving our kids four gifts:
1. Something you WANT
2. Something you NEED
3. Something you WEAR
4. Something you READ

In an effort to help all of you who are nodding your heads right now and may want to do something similar, I’ve compiled the Top 10 Tommy Nelson Christmas Gifts of 2014. You can never go wrong with any of the Tommy Nelson resources when it comes to quality and entertainment, but these ten stand out in a special way.

Top 10 Tommy Nelson Christmas Gifts

1. Building God’s Kingdom Books
There are few faith-based books aimed at boys and this new inspirational brand for little boys resonates with the hot construction trend.

1a. Building God’s Kingdom: Tipper Tells a Lie

Parents will love this fun story, the first book of the “Building God’s Kingdom” series, that helps kids learn about honesty and telling the truth.

1b. Building God’s Kingdom: Diggit Saves the Day

In the second book of this new series designed for little boys who love their trucks, Dozer, Diggit, Stretch, and Tipper must use their special traits and work together to help Earl and to bring glory to God. Parents will love this fun story that helps kids learn about the being kind and helping others in a bright and active way.

2. King of Everything Bible

Kids are naturally fascinated by the animals that walk the planet with us, and this Bible will encourage that sense of wonder. Featuring a detailed 3D cover and 48 pages of custom inserts with spectacular photography from National Geographic®, this International Children’s Bible® will help kids more fully appreciate our amazing God, the Creator of all things great and small.

3. Brave Girls Bible Stories

Young girls will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and in their faith by getting to know our Brave Girls—Hope, Gracie, Glory, Faith, and Honor—five modern-day friends who relate to today’s readers! The girls are each very different, but they all love Jesus and love each other.

4. 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know

When Kari Kampakis wrote a blog post in July 2013 titled “10 Truths Young Girls Should Know,” the post went viral and was shared more than 65,000 times on Facebook. Obviously her message strikes a chord with moms and dads across the country. This nonfiction book for teen girls expands on these ten truths and can reach the hearts of both moms and daughters.

5. Jesus Is _____.

In Jesus Is _______. Student Edition, popular speaker, author, and former youth pastor Judah Smith reveals the character of Jesus and the importance of Christ’s message. Adapted for a student’s age and life experience, this compelling book will get younger readers thinking about what Jesus means to them.

6. I Can Learn the Bible

In this 52-week devotional for children, author Holly Hawkins Shivers adapts the gift book The Joshua Code (written by her father, O.S. Hawkins) into a devotional that will help kids learn and live the scriptures. Using kid-friendly language, I Can Learn the Bible teaches scriptures in a way children can understand.

7. God Bless Our Christmas

God Bless Our Christmas has a unique black, white, blue, and red color palette that highlights the winter world of our adorable snow-animal families. This sweet rhyming story will help your little ones focus on all the blessings of Christmas with family, including decorating cookies and trees, singing favorite carols, giving gifts, and celebrating Jesus! (And don’t forget to check out the other great titles in the God Bless Series!)

8. Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids

Based on the original Jesus Calling, this version has been adapted in a language and fashion that kids and tweens can relate to their everyday lives. These devotions are written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child’s heart and it’s what we use with our own kids each morning.

9. One God One Plan One Life

In One God, One Plan, One Life, bestselling author Max Lucado offers teens an accessible way to connect with their Lord. One of America’s favorite pastors offers his first 365 devotional for teens, encouraging them to trust God and His perfect plan for their lives.

10. God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible

A good dose of God’s truth combined with lots of sparkle, God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible will help your little girl blossom into the faithful princess she was created to be! Actual International Children’s Bible® text is joined with devotionals and activities that focus on such virtues as compassion, generosity, and kindness in fun and engaging ways.

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