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My Top 5 Baby Shower Books

My Top 5 Baby Shower Books

I will always remember that the morning of my first baby shower, there was a blizzard.

You would think that having a foot of snow would put a damper on the baby shower, but we aren’t the canceling type, and my friends and family are mountain people. Despite the bad weather, they trudged through the snow to celebrate my firstborn, and I love each and every one of them for it. I felt so loved that day by every person who came.

Here’s what I remember about my first baby shower: I received a lot of baby blankets. And why not? It’s a great baby shower gift! And they were put to good use with my firstborn and the three babies that came after him.

Over the years I have learned that it’s never a bad idea to include something unique in your baby shower gifts – just in case your present ends up being the eighth item of its kind. A friend of mine, the same one that threw me a nautical baby shower for my third baby, gave me a sweet book before I had my first son, and I still think of her each time I read that book to my kids. Ever since then I’ve been convinced that children’s books are the perfect way to make your gift stand out. It is very unlikely that someone else will give the same children’s book as you do, and expectant moms love looking ahead to days of snuggling their baby and reading together.

May I suggest a few of these Tommy Nelson titles when you are picking out a book for baby showers? These are some favorites.

Five Minute Nighttime Bible Stories

This is a book that will get so much good use. It is the perfect bedtime storybook because mom can easily decide how long she wants to make story time, and children get to focus on the truths found in Bible stories before they go to sleep. Learn more…

Starter Bible

Babies need good board books that are difficult to beat up, and this padded board book that focuses on Bible stories is a great one! Learn more…

Night Night Farm

My kids love farm animals, and I am sure they are not the only ones! This book is a sweet one to incorporate into your bedtime routine as adorable, sleepy farm animals are tucked into bed. Learn more…

The Parables Treasury

This is four books in one! This collection of books by Liz Curtis Higgs has four of her most beloved “Parables” books for every season: The Pumpkin Patch Parable (fall and the Harvest season), The Pine Tree Parable (winter and Christmas), The Parable of the Lily (spring and Easter), and The Sunflower Parable (summer). Treasury books like this make such a great gift, and this one helps children celebrate the changing seasons and our holidays! Learn more…

I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God

I LOVE I Am: 40 Reasons To Trust God. It’s probably one of my favorite Bible books for kids ever. This beautiful book teaches the many names of God — and the many reasons we can trust Him. Learn more…

Every child needs a good start to their book collection, and there is something special about those books your mother read to you as a child. And as a mom, I have a special fondness for those books that friends and family gave to me for my baby. Books are practical and also sentimental, and that makes them the perfect baby shower gift to give and to receive. As I pull a kid onto my lap with a book, I remember the people who gave them to me, and the love behind the gift. That’s why I love tucking a book into the pink and blue bags whenever it’s my turn to attend a shower.

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Your Turn

What is your favorite children’s book to give as a gift? How do you make your baby shower gifts stand out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!