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Books You'll Love for Easter: Our Top Easter Books

Books You'll Love for Easter: Our Top Easter Books

Our Top Easter Books this Season

Easter is only a few short weeks away. Are you ready to live in awe of Christ’s resurrection? Have you fully embraced Him this Lenten season? We’ve pulled together our favorite Easter books to help you prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle of all time. Let us know what you’re reading this Easter below.

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Devotions for Easter from Zondervan

Devotions for Easter invites you to find the messages of hope and mercy God places in even the smallest moments of the season. 40 days of warm, inviting readings, prayers, scriptures, and beautiful images will take you through Christ’s journey toward the cross and the miracle of His resurrection.

He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado

With his warm, caring style, Max examines the symbols surrounding Christ’s crucifixion, revealing the claims of the cross and asserting that if they are true, then Christianity itself is true. The supporting evidence either makes the cross the single biggest hoax of all time, or the hope of all humanity.

In Defense of Jesus by Lee Strobel

In Defense of Jesus, the follow up to the bestselling book Case for Christ, former award-winning legal editor Lee Strobel explores such hot-button questions about the identity of Jesus. Evaluate the arguments and evidence being advanced by prominent atheists, liberal theologians, Muslim scholars, and others. Sift through expert testimony. Then reach your own verdict with In Defense of Jesus.

Believe: The Hope of Easter by Randy Frazee

Celebrate Easter with this inexpensive booklet designed to focus on the hope of eternity. With three chapters from Believe—a topical experience using the NIV Bible that unlocks the 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 key virtues based in scripture—this evangelistic booklet explores the subjects of hope, eternity, and sharing your faith. Great to give to friends, families, or church members.

3:16 The Numbers of Hope by Max Lucado

In this million-selling favorite, best-selling author Max Lucado leads readers through a word-by-word study of John 3:16, the passage that he calls the “Hope Diamond” of Scripture.

Jesus Calling Deluxe: Teal Large Print by Sarah Young

Written as if Jesus is speaking directly to you, experience peace in the presence of the Savior who is closer than you can imagine. This deluxe large print edition with a beautiful teal leathersoft cover makes an elegant gift.

On Calvary’s Hill by Max Lucado

Join bestselling author Max Lucado in an exploration of the final days in the life of Christ. Draw near to the Savior and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived. Feel the passion. Sense the truth. Hear the promise.