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Training in Trust

Training in Trust

May God, who puts all things together, makes all things whole… Now put you together. — Hebrews 13:18-21 The Message

A round pen is like a corral with no corners. One of my friends bonds with her horse Luke in a round pen because it limits the ways he can avoid the pressure of what she is asking him to do. Since it narrows the options available to Luke, he finds the right answer more quickly.

Round-pen training gives my friend a foundation to build on. When you’re training a horse, ultimately, you’re not just teaching him how to react (not panicking, being patient) or how to do a task (crossing a bridge or water). You’re also teaching a horse to have enough confidence in you, the trainer, to do what you ask him to do. Only when there’s complete trust between horse and rider do you find success.

Spiritually, God trains us too. He takes the skimpy faith of a new believer and gradually grows us into mature, seasoned Christians. Often, those training sessions involve painful situations and prayers that are not answered immediately.

Think about it: almost every situation that produces fruit in us is one we’d rather not go through.

You may be doing the work of God and not seeing the progress you would like to see. Maybe you are finding it hard to accept that God has a purpose in your health struggles, or your petitions seem to fall on deaf ears.

When God teaches us patience through trials, it can feel as if we are running in circles in a round pen. However, God does not corral us to be cruel. He holds us in place to teach us to walk in His ways, not to stray, and to trust in Him.

When you want to scream, “I can’t stand anymore!” remember that faith is easy to demonstrate when things are going our way, but our true tests of faith come through trials. God knows your limits and will reward you in the end. Stand firm. God has a plan for you, and it’s a good one.

Lord, help me to trust You even when things aren’t going my way. I want to grow in my faith so I can please You, amen

Excerpted with permission from Unbridled Faith by Cara Whitney copyright Cara Whitney.

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Your Turn

Are you being corralled right now? Is God tightening your “space”? Maybe He’s narrowing your options so you can find the right answer more quickly. He has a purpose in what He’s doing and what He’s allowing. He’s training you to trust Him more deeply, more authentically. Today, let’s praise God for what He’s doing as we wait for His answers and direction. Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily