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Understanding Your Child's Learning Style

hide & seek devotional tony nelson

Knowing your child’s learning style is a huge help on those days in the journey of parenting when you can’t seem to break through to your child.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child just doesn’t understand what you are trying to explain? Or perhaps he feels like you don’t understand him?

I have nine children, each with their own unique way of seeing the world. Even though I still sometimes struggle with communication, it has helped tremendously to be able to switch to their individual style of learning when I need to.

One of my daughters is very smart, but if I don’t keep in mind that she has to hear an instruction instead of seeing it written, we can both get frustrated with her lack of understanding. I am a list-maker, but if I write things down for her, she most likely won’t do things the way I asked. Once I say it to her audibly and clearly, she gets it and can complete the task.

Learning styles can be broken down into three main types: visual, kenesthetic and auditory. If you can figure out which is your child’s primary mode of learning, you will have a much easier time communicating with him:

  • Visual: Learns by seeing, drawings, shapes.

  • Kenesthetic: Learns by movement, actions, doing.

  • Auditory: Learns by hearing, tones, sound patterns.

A simple way I like to figure out how my child learns is by having them make a phone call. I write down a number, say it to them, then have them dial it several times. Then I ask hem to recall the number for me. How do they remember it? By seeing the numbers in their head, hearing it or recall the pattern of dialing?

Another way to determine your child’s learning style is to have the child memorize Scripture. The Hide and Seek Devotional is a perfect tool for the younger child with the visual stimulation its 3D lenticular cover provides. It also comes with a free audio download of Scripture memory songs to which children will love singing along! Narrated by Kirk Cameron, this full-length album reinforces the Bible verses and helps children commit them to memory. It makes great use of all learning styles!

Once you are aware of your child’s learning style, you can work on communicating with them through their style. This is easier for the child who has the same learning style as you. You probably already communicate easily with that child. When you do not share the same style, it is up to you to find ways to share ideas in styles that are not your own. Act something out for your kenesthetic learner or read aloud to the auditory guy.

Discovering your child’s learning style will add a whole new level of ways for you to communicate. And there’s nothing sweeter than showing your child you care about who they are and how they learn.

Your Turn

What helpful ways have you uncovered to determine your child’s learning style?