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Taste and See Week 6 — Discovering the Liturgy of the Table

Taste and See Week 6 — Discovering the Liturgy of the Table

After taking the cup, He gave thanks… And He took the bread, and gave thanks and broke it… — Luke 22:17-19

We are changed when we give thanks and when we give thanks we are changed. Around the table, deep gratitude changes everything. ~ Margaret Feinberg

Can you believe it’s our final week of the Taste and See OBS? This week we’re focusing on giving thanks — how, as Margaret says, gratitude is the best response whenever and wherever we taste and see God’s goodness. It all comes together in this final session, and we are so thankful for you!


When I was a tiny, little kid, my family learned to pray a specific meal time prayer. And, we still do this to this day! The one leading the meal time prayer prays over specific things thanking God for the day, for our time together, over specific needs, for a friend who is ill, for our nation and leaders, but then we all say together:

Father, we thank You for this food. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

It’s a simple prayer. Easy for little ones to remember. Easy to incorporate even with new friends or neighbors who feel awkward enough at having to hold hands with our crazy bunch, much less say a prayer together!

You wouldn’t think it would mean as much to me as it does. But, this prayer is jam-packed with memories of coming together as a family standing in a circle at birthday parties, Father’s Day brunches, Thanksgiving meals, graduation celebrations, and even funeral receptions. It reminds me that my family gives thanks to God over and over and over again. Over the years. Over the generations. We hold hands in dining rooms, and restaurants, and poolside, and in the park, wherever we are, and we give thanks.

Do you see the added ingredient? In the feeding of the 5,000, the 4,000, the serving of the cup and the bread, Jesus added thanks. You can have the most incredible tablescape and food spread, and it is incomplete without giving thanks. ~ Margaret

I’m grateful for the legacy of thankful prayer handed down to me. I’m grateful to be handing it down to my children. And someday to their children. And their children.

I’m thankful for the years of lovely meals around the table, sometimes ornate and gourmet, sometimes with paper plates and bucket chicken. I’m thankful for the memories of meals with those who are already in Glory. I’m thankful for those hand-holding, holy moments. I’m grateful for the laughter and even the times of strain and challenges that had to be worked out and smoothed over. I’m grateful for the godly lessons I learned around the table with ones I love. It’s made me rich on the inside.

Thank You, Lord, for the inheritance of gratitude, prayer, and the blessing of meals around the table together!

What are you grateful for?

This Week in Your Study

  1. Watch the Session Six Video, “Discovering the Liturgy of the Table.”
    … and take notes in the study guide, pages 118-120. Remember to watch the video here this week (Feb. 25 – March 3), or on DVD, to stay on schedule. If you’ve missed a week, don’t worry! We’ll have a catch-up week starting March 4th when you can watch all the videos again.
  2. Personal Study + Tasty Experiences
    There’s no additional personal study this week. Your homework is to reflect on all that you’ve read and studies from the previous weeks!

  3. Let’s Connect
    Join us in the private Facebook group, where we’re hosting daily conversations about the study. This week’s Watch Parties are Thursday 2/28 at 12 pm and 8 pm EST (same video, two time options). We look forward to this final week with you!

Verse of the Week:

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. — Psalm 34:8

Scriptures this Week:

1. Luke 9:16

2. Matthew 15:35-36

3. Luke 22:17-19

4. Matthew 18:30

5. Romans 1:21

6. Psalm 34:8


Jesus, thank You… Thank You… Thank You… Thank You for the joy of this study, for Margaret, for what we’ve learned, and for the food You set before us. Thank You for the communion of family and friends and for the freedom to pray and give You our praise and gratitude. We are blessed beyond the beyond! We love You, Jesus. Amen.


Creator of all things delicious and nutritious,

May we come into each other’s presence and recognize that You are among us.

May we crack open the hurts behind our smiles and have you feed the unspoken hungers deep within.

May You break down our walls as we break our bread.

May our hearts be filled as we fill our cups.

May those who gather here today taste the Bread of Life and drink from the Living Water.

May we glimpse the Garden of Eden that was and the feast of the lamb to come.

May we taste and see Your goodness, not just in the food we eat, but in the company we keep.

God, pull up a chair. Eat with us today. Amen.