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Verse Mapping Acts Online Bible Study Week 2 — The Unseen

Verse Mapping Acts Online Bible Study Week 2 — The Unseen

Silver or gold I don’t have, but what I do have, I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk! — Acts 3:6

Welcome to week two of the Verse Mapping: Acts Online Bible Study. Quick check in: How are you doing? Did you enjoy week one? How is mapping verses going for you? Are you getting into it? Come share with us!

This week we’re talking about being seen, known, named, and claimed by God and I’ve got to say that I’ve been pretty much fileted by it already.

I think we all know the feeling of being unseen and feeling forgotten for long periods of time, of feeling hopeless in our circumstances, of begging… especially in front of everyone else’s comings and goings, in front of everyone else’s “Beautiful”.

Begging for God to see you in your distress, in your illness or infirmity, or heartbreak… it’s too much, isn’t it? No wonder the man in Acts 3 had his head held down low.

I remember years ago visiting a friend who lived in a big city and noticing a woman crying right in the middle of the sidewalk. I asked this lady if she was alright and held her hand for a minute before we moved on. Later, my friend said, “Someone is always crying.” What? I had no idea what she meant and couldn’t understand why no one was shocked by the crying person and then she explained that in a city this big, someone is always in distress and passersby get “compassion fatigue”. Compassion fatigue. Lord, help us.

In our distress, we are seen by God. You are seen, known, named and claimed by Jesus, made beautiful in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We all want that! We want to know Him and be known by Him. We have to anticipate being called out! Expect that profound sweetness of His voice, His attention, His seeing us.

Expect it!

This week in your study:

  1. Then, watch the video for session two of the Verse Mapping Acts on our study home page and take notes in your study guide on pages 39-48 and stick around to go through the questions afterward!
  2. Grab your Bible and enjoy your personal study this week on pages 49-55.
  3. Join the conversations about this week’s teaching and get to know our community in our private Facebook group.

Scriptures this Week

Acts 3:2
Acts 3:4-6
Acts 3:8
Acts 3:10

Prayer for the Week

Jesus, we love You! Thank You that You love us, know us, see us, and name us, and claim us. Thank You that You call us out when we even hide in a corner from You. Thank You that we can’t shy away from You because You love us too much. Show us that You see us this week. As we dive into Your Word as seek Your face, let us hear Your voice. We love You!