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Verse Mapping Luke: She Believed

Verse Mapping Luke: She Believed

Welcome to the first session of Verse Mapping: Luke by Kristy Cambron. If you want to unpack the context of the Scriptures you’re reading but do it in a super-simple way— looking at the Hebrew/Greek translations, finding connections in the Word, & learning as much as you can from your time with the Holy Spirit— then try Verse Mapping! In this study, Kristy shares how you can have a verse mapping journey of your own through the Gospel of Luke—gathering the goodness in God’s Word. In each session, she provides practical examples on how to take the first steps in verse mapping and learn how to explore the Bible like never before, and customize your Bible study time for a deeper and more authentic walk with God.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her! —Luke 1:45

Opening Reflection

These words in Luke 1:45 were spoken about a young girl named Mary, who received a promise of God’s goodness — that she’d been chosen to bear a child who was and is the Savior of the world. But it was still her choice to believe, and her faith that would have to anchor her through all that was to come after. It’s not all that different from what we face today — the choice to believe over the weight of our circumstances, and the faith to carry us as we charge headlong into them.

What if there were no barriers to faith? What if we could study God’s promises, understand, and apply the Word to our daily lives, believing God will fulfill all He’s promised?

What if the things that seem impossible on our own suddenly became possible with God?

Gathering: Video Story

Play the video segment for session one. As you watch, follow the verse mapping guide points in this free download and refer to the completed map on pages 22–23. Take brief notes or record questions that might lead you to further research in your independent study time this week.

Click here to download (no email registration required) a PDF of the companion study guide for Verse Mapping: Luke (Session One: She Believed). This is one of the most beautiful study guides we’ve ever seen!

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