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Verse Mapping Online Bible Study — Let’s Wrap It Up!

Verse Mapping Online Bible Study — Let’s Wrap It Up!

Hey friends, it’s recap week! I don’t know about you, but Verse Mapping has been the biggest stretch for me of any OBS teaching so far. I still have some catching up to do. And this is the week for it! Wrap up week is the time to go through our notes, watch the teaching videos again, memorize verses, map more … And anything else you feel is left over to help us get the everything we can out of Verse Mapping Acts!

Note: You still have access to all the videos for one more week — now through Sunday 7/11/21. Need more time? Sign up for the free 7-day trial at to access the entire Verse Mapping: Acts study! With a subscription (just $7.95/month for individuals), you’ll have unlimited access to more than 2,500 video Bible studies from leading pastors and Bible teachers! Plus, you’ll find on Kristy’s Verse Mapping: Luke study as well.

Like we talked about in week one, even though we, in our flesh, are a mess… we have the Holy Spirit in us. In Acts, the Holy Spirit fell on the early church of Jesus. Wind blowing through the trees is called psithurism. A hot wind that begins in the Sahara and blows over the Mediterranean is called a sirocco. Wind across your vocal chords is called phonation. And the wind that blows into believers filling them with Presence of Almighty God is called the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that so beautiful?!

I baptize you with water. But One who is more powerful than I will come… He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. — Luke 3:16

Given that filling of the Holy Spirit, we believers are called to know God, to share Him, and to draw people unto Him as He leads us. The Holy Spirit is in the business of drawing people into community vibrantly… through us!

That’s what we are called to do, my friends! Go and tell with the Holy Spirit within us!

Even in our distress, when we don’t feel capable, we are seen by God, known by Him, named, and claimed by Jesus. We are made beautiful in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We are made whole in Him.

Jesus stands for you. ~ Kristy Cambron

We can move forward into the view beyond eternity no matter how painful and scary it may be knowing that whatever happens in the earthly life creates a new version of ourselves in the eternal one. ~ Kristy

Through the struggles of this life, because Lord knows there are many, I want to be overflowing with faith when I don’t understand – just like Stephen, even if it means death. No matter the cost. Don’t you?

Jesus knows us inside and out. He knows everything about us. When you’re in a storm and you remain faithful to Him, Jesus stands. He’s with me. And, He’s with you. When we don’t feel strong, He’s there holding us up, carrying us, and being our strength through whatever circumstances may come.

Suddenly, our prayers changed from “Please change our circumstances!” to “If these are our circumstances, no matter how long, then please change me so I’m content in them until my redemption comes.” ~ Kristy

And, as for the wanderers, oh boy, He chases. He goes after the ones He loves. If there’s any hope at all, He will go after that one!

God will always seek us out if our heart is at all bendable toward Him.

How far will God go to pursue us?.. to the depths of our most impossible circumstances. ~ Kristy

Even when we can’t see what God is doing, He is working on our behalf behind the scenes. He’s doing things we can’t imagine. If we only knew, we’d have so much more peace, so why not rest in that with radical faith just like Peter did — asleep in jail between the guards (Acts 12:6) before the angel appeared is #christiangoals. Don’t you want that kind of faith-peace? I do!

Deliverance is ours for the taking when we let God and trust God with whatever end He has in mind.

Life can be scary, threatening, and full of so many fears and unknowns, but God is with us! He has our backs! We’ve lived through everything so far and we’ll live as long as He give us breath.

We don’t need to bring our fears or failures to this table. It’s already set, already supplies. We just need to sit down and feast on the Word until full. ~ Kristy

Giving our all for Jesus is the only real way to live. It’s worth it! It’s all worth it!

Let’s choose the hard road. Choose Jesus. He will restore the biggest messes, the most broken, shattered places within us and restore us beyond our wildest imagination!

No matter what’s going on right now, even if it’s an utter disaster, don’t be disheartened. Keep stepping out in faith. Keep seeking Jesus’ face. God is with you.