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Very Great in the Little Things

Very Great in the Little Things

This God is our God. — Psalm 48:14

“God is great in great things, but very great in little things,” says Henry Dyer.

A party stood on the Matterhorn admiring the sublimity of the scene, when a gentleman produced a pocket microscope and having caught a fly, placed it under the glass. He reminded us that the legs of the household fly in England are naked, then called attention to the legs of this little fly which were thickly covered with hair; thus showing that the same God who made the lofty Swiss mountain attended to the comfort of His tiniest creatures, even providing socks and mittens for the little fly whose home these mountains were.

This God is our God!

A doubting soul beheld a robin’s nest in a gigantic elm and heard a still small voice saying, “If God spent a hundred years in creating a tree like that for a bird, He will surely take care of you.” God is so interested that He takes us one by one and arranges for every detail of our life. To Him, there are no little things.

The God of the infinite is the God of the infinitesimal.

I saw a human life ablaze with God,

I felt a power Divine

As through an empty vessel of frail clay

I saw God’s glory shine.

Then woke I from a dream, and cried aloud:

“My Father, give to me

The blessing of a life consumed by God

That I may live for Thee.”

Excerpted with permission from Springs in the Valley by L. B. E. Cowman, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

What little details have you seen that God has attended to in your life? How have you noticed His care in the infinitesimal as well as the infinite? Come share with us on our blog! We want to hear your thoughts about God’s very greatness in the little things! ~ Devotionals Daily