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Why I Caved and Gave My Daughter a Sparkly Bible

Why I Caved and Gave My Daughter a Sparkly Bible

Why I Caved and Gave My Daughter a Sparkly Bible
(God doesn’t care – just read it!)

Having a little girl and watching her grow up to be the unique and lovely creature God intended is one of the most precious gifts imaginable.

I’m so thankful for my sweet girly girl who has more style and fashion sense in her little pinky than I do in my entire body. When she was little she wore princess dresses to the grocery store and the playground. She would wear makeup and high heels if I let her, but I’m not ready for my baby to grow up any faster than she already is. If it would help at all, I would put a brick on her head to keep her from growing another inch taller or day older! But growing up is inevitable and I truly do love her girliness and hope she never outgrows it.

So I choose to embrace her joy in all things girly and celebrate that it’s one of the wonderful attributes of my daughter.

Frankly, letting her wear a princess dress to the grocery store was really hard for me. I have a slight Type-A personality and a tendency to want to control even the little things that don’t matter. Finally I asked myself, “What is the big deal? Why not let her display her girly personality in that small way?” As she got older allowing her freedom to celebrate her personality included letting her express herself in her wardrobe choices. She knows what she likes and has a great sense of style (and truthfully, she has since she was 18 months old! Even when she wasn’t wearing a princess dress she was quite fashionable.) Now, my daughter is all about the accessories — the purse, the watch, the shoes.

Basically, the more pink, purple, sparkles and flowers, the better.

Fashion for her carries into all aspects of her life even when it comes to picking out a Bible. She chose a purple one with green flowers on the inside that point out life lessons for girls of her age that’s very similar to the NIV Gift Bible for Kids. But, the Bible she has her eye on now is the NIrV Sequin Bible. The NIrV Sequin Bibles come in quite a few different colors and most importantly… sparkles! That’s my girly girl! She loves sparkles!

If a cute, sparkly Bible with an adorable design also inspires my girly-girl to open The Book and start read it more often, I am all for it!

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