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You Are Never Alone Week 4 — God Is with You in the Dark

You Are Never Alone Week 4 — God Is with You in the Dark

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:4-5

In the dark, you’re never really alone. ~ Max

Hey, friends! Welcome to week four of the You Are Never Alone OBS! This week we will learn about the blind man that Jesus had the gall to heal sending everyone into a tizzy.

Embarrassing admission: there was a season of time during a lengthy crisis when the dark absolutely terrified me. Can you imagine a full-grown woman scampering out of an unlit garage so fast her feet barely touched the cement? That was me. The fear of the metaphorical darkness of my circumstances which blanketed my life had metastasized to fear over actual darkness. Monster problems made me afraid of lurking monsters. I didn’t feel safe in that season. Ever.

What rattled me even deeper was wondering where God was in that inky blackness. Along with pleas for help, thanksgiving for provision, tears of pain and shock, and praise that God still sits on His throne, my prayer of raw, honest confusion leaked out, “What the heck, God?”

Sound familiar?

Dark times. This year seems to be darker, doesn’t it? Meaner. Harder, sadder, scarier, and definitely weirder. Maybe a lot of us are wondering “What the heck, God?”

The solid ground is that while we don’t understand, the Lord does. When we can’t see, God is not equally sightless. As we are plunged into murky waters, He’s not disoriented at all. He’s not mad at us. He’s good and He has good plans for us.

He’s not the source of the hurt, He’s the trustworthy companion through it.

Jesus’ lesson to the disciples and to us is that we cannot blame suffering on the anger of God. If we follow the troubles to the headwaters, we won’t find a wrathful or befuddled God standing there, but we will find our sovereign God. ~ Max

He knows the way through the dark, so we must follow!

He’s still God. Today. When we don’t understand what in tarnation is going on or how on earth He will bring good out of such dubiety, suffering, and social chaos.

He’s not nervous. He’s not worried. And, He’s with us in compassion, empathy, and deeper love that we can fathom.

Our pain has a purpose. Still, Jesus sometimes allows things to get seriously strange, right? What if He made mud with His spit and put it on my disability or injury?.. That’s such a weird answer to a problem.

God is not intimidated by circumstances that require miracles nor by responding completely unexpectedly!

He knows the path and allows disappointment, heartbreak, loss, and He knows His ways sometimes freak us out and we get wrapped up in worry and confusion in the darkness.

We don’t get it! It makes no sense why a good God would allow suffering (the age-old problem of faith) and, we don’t understand His actions (or what seems to be inaction).

The Lord may give us answers after a period of time, but sometimes He doesn’t.

We may not know why God allowed this or that or does this or that until eternity (Hebrews 11). And, by the time we’re in Glory, will we even care? I don’t think so.

BUT, He will make all things right. Phew!

The sent One of God had made the man see. ~ Max

How should we respond to the mountain of mess and to Jesus when our minds spin on “What the heck?”.. Obedience.

Blind obedience?.. yes. Especially in the pitch darkness.

Yes, it’s scary! But, thank God, we’re not alone!

This week in your study:

  1. Watch the video for session four of You Are Never Alone on our study home page and take notes in your study guide on pages 67-75 and then stick around for the conversation with our OBS community!
  2. Grab your Bible and enjoy your personal study this week on pages 77-87.
  3. Join the conversations about this week’s teaching and get to know our community in our private Facebook group.

Scriptures this Week

John 1:4-5
Matthew 5:16
John 9:2
John 9:3
John 9:6
John 9:7
Isaiah 42:6-7
Luke 4:18
Acts 26:17-18
John 9:11
John 9:14, 16
John 9:20-21
John 10:28

Prayer for the Week

Jesus, we love You. Thank You that You never leave us alone. In the darkness, when we can’t see, You are still holding our hands and guiding us through. You know the path before us and stick closer than our own breath. Help us to trust You when we’re confused and afraid. Help us find Your peace in times of worry. We need You, Jesus. We love You. Amen.