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You’re Invited to the Jesus Study by Max Lucado - Our Easter Season OBS

You’re Invited to the Jesus Study by Max Lucado - Our Easter Season OBS

Follow Me and be My disciple. — Jesus in Matthew 9:9

He regards you as “the apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8). ~ Max Lucado

Hi, friends! Huge announcement!

We are so excited to announce our Easter season study… drumroll please… is Jesus, the brand-new study by Pastor Max Lucado!

The Way.
The Truth.
The Life.
Our Hero.
The Lamb of God.


With flesh and blood. Sweat and tears. Hangnails and sunburns. Rejection and exhaustion. God who grew up in frail humanity. Learned to talk and walk. Made friends, lounged around noisy family dinners, was known by His neighbors and rabbis. His home was filled with four brothers and at least two sisters so He was well-acquainted with the joys and squabbles of a bunch of siblings. He outgrew His sandals, skinned His knees, went to temple, worked with His hands, had a great sense of humor, and was literally the life of the party.

Jesus was average looking, I imagine with deep brown eyes twinkling with easy-going kindess and empathy. He laughed and yawned, hung with friends and sought solitude, wept and danced, worked and relaxed, celebrated and mourned.

Fully man. And yet fully God.

Don’t you wish you could know not just His Story better, but know Him better and grow closer to Him?

Here’s our chance!

The Jesus OBS is all about the One we love. And, it’s about how much He loves us!

My heart longs for Him. Doesn’t yours?

Faith can get bogged down in burdensome, religious To-Do’s, quarrelsome theological issues, rifts between groups, sinful leaders who cause disillusionment, hurt from Christians who don’t act like Christ, and on and on. And, life gets busy, full of obligations and distractions, challenges and dramas. We can go from sunup to midnight getting everything done and rushing through our days… and miss Him entirely… miss the glory!

We must return to the Center. To Jesus. He’s the point. He’s the Answer.

Just say His name.


He is the balm. The peace. The hope. The Son of God.

Come and meet with Him.

In this six-week study, we’re going to learn about the life of Immanuel (which means “God with us”), the Friend of sinners, our Compassionate Physician, the Great Teacher, our Miracle Worker, who became our Victorious Sacrifice!

Don’t miss this!


The Jesus study is for you if:

  • You’ve been looking for just the right study to prepare your heart for Easter
  • You are not yet a follower of Christ but are curious about who Jesus is.
  • The God-Man idea is something you want to grasp.
  • You are a long-time Christian and you want to go deeper.
  • You want to hear the voice of God.
  • You want a dearer relationship with Jesus.
  • You love the greatest Story every told and want to study it.

P.S. As always, there will be GOODIES and FREEBIES that you will love! When you join, you’ll get FREE access to all six teaching videos with Max.

Are you in, friends? Join today to get everything you need to get started with us in community on Monday, March 2nd! The study is just six weeks long, and will take you right up to Easter Sunday!