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You’re Invited to the You Are Never Alone Online Bible Study

You’re Invited to the You Are Never Alone Online Bible Study

Believe that you are never alone, that our miracle-working God sees you, cares about you, and will come to your aid. ~ Max Lucado

I have come that [you] may have life and have it to the full. — Jesus in John 10:10

Lying alone in the darkness of night, it was more lip movement than whisper.

“Are You there?.. Do you see?.. I feel so alone… Have You turned Your back on me?”

Sometimes night lasts longer than the hours of pitch black.

In the waiting room.
In the chemo chair.
In your child’s suffering.
In a one-sided marriage.
In the disappointment.
At your lowest point.
When you need His mercy, forgiveness, and open arms.

Where is God?

He’s here. Right with you.

You are never alone.

God isn’t far off and distant… draw close to Him now. ~ Max

Our friend and pastor Max Lucado is bringing us his brand-new Bible study — You Are Never Alone — starting October 19th and you don’t want to miss it. This 6-week study of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John will awaken your faith, shake the dust off, remind you of what is true, and inspire your heart during the struggles of life.

One of the toughest parts of being a long-time believer in Jesus is that sometimes He seems to back off, and stops answering prayers; He seems to let silence linger and loneliness scrape. It’s like God says, “Alright, you’ve loved Me in the richness and joy of the river, but will You still worship Me in the desert?” Have you ever felt that way, too?

John saw Jesus up close for nearly three years. He was probably the baby of the group and felt so endeared that he called himself “the beloved” (I’m sure to the great consternation of Peter and the boys!). John was the only disciple to stand by His side and witness Jesus die, be buried, and see Him rise. He also knew long years of ministry and life after Jesus ascended into Heaven. He lived to see not only his brother James and other disciples martyred, but he likely outlived them all. He knew persecution. He knew solitude. He knew loneliness. And, he waited faithfully on Christ’s return. Somewhere near the end of his life, he wrote this book and it’s revealing that looking back John’s greatest paintbrush of memory was that of love. John saw the love of Jesus even through trials and suffering. In the difficulties and loneliness. He saw love beginning to end.

Don’t let the storm turn you inward. Let it turn you upward. ~ Max

Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God? — Jesus in John 11:40

Truthfully, one of the things I’ve sometimes resented has been others’ sweet relationship with Jesus. Some Christians seem to be so close to Him, like a friend, and relish His daily presence; whereas I am desperate for Him. I need Him every day, every hour, every minute. When I finally complained to the Lord about this weakness, this frailty, He said, “Nonono, you misunderstand… It’s a gift.”

If you feel alone. If your heart craves for Jesus’ answer to your pleas. If you wonder where His presence has gone in the middle of your trouble or stagnancy, pain or confusion, open the Bible. John shares Jesus’ miracles so we can see His empathy (John 4:7-29, John 11:35), His power (John 5:1-15, John 6:1-24, John 9:1-11, John 11:38-44), His everlasting God-ness (John 1:1, John 8:48-59), His care about the most minor details of our lives (John 2:1-11), His authority (John 5:16-30, John 18:36), His compassion (John 14:1-4, John 16:16-33, John 19:25-27, John 20:13-18).

He’s the living God who loves.

You Are Never Alone is for:

  • Literally everyone
  • Those who feel distant from Jesus and need hope to continue on
  • Those who want to know if God sees and cares
  • Anyone in a storm who is wondering if Jesus will help
  • All those who want to know Jesus in a deeper and more meaningful way

As always, there will be free treats and goodies! You’ll get access to all of Max’s six video teachings from the You Are Never Alone Bible study, a collection of prayers for when you feel alone, beautiful Scripture printables, and more.

So, will you join us? You are wanted and needed. You belong here.

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