Rest and War Bible Study by Ben Stuart: A Field Guide for the Spiritual Life

Struggle well. Fight for progress. Know the One who has fought for you.
Life is hard, but there are promises to grip. Strategies and tactics to employ. Progress to be made. Are you ready? In Rest & War, a six-session Bible study, Passion City DC pastor Ben Stuart will give you practical strategies to help you war against the enemy of your soul and find the rest that God has promised for you. You will discover how to overcome deceptive strategies the enemy aims at you. How to move away from aimless affections and toward things that develop intimacy with God. How to make a place, a time, and a plan for communicating with God each day. And how to keep in step with the Spirit.


Starting this Study? Here's what you will need: Get a copy of the  Rest and War  Study Guide plus Streaming Video which contains everything you need to do the study. The study guide contains a video streaming code on the inside front cover which will give you access to all of the video sessions. Click here to learn how to redeem the video streaming code!

The video study (DVD) is available separately for group's wanting a physical copy of the videos.


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