The 28-Day Prayer Journey

by Chrystal Evans Hurst

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The 28-Day Prayer Journey

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The 28-Day Prayer Journey

Enjoying Deeper Conversations with God

A well-organized and welcoming guide to having meaningful conversations with God.

Do you yearn for a consistent prayer life? Do you struggle with distraction when praying alone, timidity when praying with others, or knowing where to start in either setting? Bestselling writer and beloved speaker Chrystal Evans Hurst knows both the freedom and blessing of establishing and growing a lively prayer life and how difficult it can be when prayer itself feels foreign to our daily lives.

In this video-based Bible study (DVD/video streaming sold separately), Chrystal:

· Teaches the basic tenets of prayer practice.
· Establishes a realistic and achievable pattern of prayer that will have lasting effect.
· Explains the four postures of prayer—supported by Scripture—that increase our communication and relationship with God.

This study includes daily prayer practices, space to journal about your prayers and what you're hearing from God, as well as weekly challenges to keep you and your group active and attentive in renewed prayer.

The Bible tells us that prayer is essential for an intimate and thriving relationship with God, and it's well worth the time and effort it deserves.

Sessions include:

· Introduction to Types of Prayer and Practice
· Prayers of Thanksgiving
· Prayers of Repentance
· Prayers of Request
· Prayers of Yielding