Series: Zondervan Language Basics Series

Basics of Ancient Ethiopic: A Complete Grammar, Workbook, and Lexicon

By: Archie T. Wright
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Basics of Ancient Ethiopic by Archie Wright introduces students to the basic grammar of ancient Ethiopic (Ge'ez) while approaching the language through its wider cultural and literary context, and its historical legacy.

As part of the widely-used Zondervan Language Basics series of resources, Wright's Ethiopic grammar is a student-friendly introduction. It helps students learn by:

  • Minimizing technical jargon
  • Providing only the information needed to learn the basics
  • Breaking the grammar of language down into manageable and intuitive chunks
  • Illustrating the grammar in question by its use in rich selections from ancient Christian and the Second Temple Jewish books of 1 Enoch and Jubilees
  • Providing grammar, readings, exercises, and a lexicon all in one convenient volume

Basics of Ethiopic provides an ideal first step into this important language and focuses on getting the student into texts and translation as quickly as possible.

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