God So Close Interactive Guidebook: A Reflective Journey with the Holy Spirit

By: Becky Thompson
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How well do you know the Holy Spirit? How real is He in your everyday life? In this new interactive guide to accompany God So Close, bestselling author and creator of the Midnight Mom Devotional community Becky Thompson invites you into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.   

In God So Close, Thompson wants to lead you into a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit so you can have a closer connection with God, scripturally unpacking who He is and how He moves in and through the life of believers. Now in The God So Close Interactive Guidebook, you’ll discover:

  • 14 sessions that cover the entire God So Close book
  • Additional scripture lessons and new stories
  • Specific questions to help reflect on who the Holy Spirit is to you
  • Designed for use by those looking for a more personal journey through God So Close

Please note: This product is a companion to God So Close, for the most optimal experience it should be completed while reading the original book (purchased separately).

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