Series: Audio Bible Studies

Hidden: Audio Bible Studies: Finding Delight in Your Life with Christ - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: Allison Allen
Narrated by: Allison Allen
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Discover the gift found in a life that doesn't seek to be seen.

In a world where excellence is equated to exposure, and legacy is equated to social media likes, what does it mean to embrace a hidden life?

What does it look like to exchange:

  • Performance culture for unconditional love?
  • Visibility for inherent value?
  • Earthly accolades for heavenly reward?
  • Enslavement to people-pleasing for freedom in Christ?
  • Hiding from life for being hidden in God?

In Scripture, Jesus presents us an astoundingly countercultural way of existing—one without the pressure to perform or make a platform. The life Jesus offers us is focused on him.

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