Series: Z Graphic Novels / Tomo

My Double-Edged Life

By: Bud Rogers, Rob Corley, Tom Bancroft, Jim Krueger, Ariel Padilla, Funny Pages Productions
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Hana may have settled into her new life in America, but in this second volume of the Tomo graphic novel series, she must face challenges at school and at home when her two rivals seek to frame her for cheating and fox warriors arrive to find the sword she is tasked to keep hidden. And once her grandfather reveals more of the prophecy linked to the sword, Hana learns she must train in the dojo like never before.

Things have stabilized since her move from Japan and the attack on her grandfather’s dojo in San Francisco, and thirteen-year-old Hana is enjoying time with her new friend Brittany, martial arts training, and getting to know her grandfather’s quirky raccoon “pet,” Tomo.

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