Rojo es el nuevo verde: Redefinir el rojo cuando soñamos

By: Elictia Hart
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SPANISH EDITION: What Makes You See Red?

The red light in television means you’re on—go! A red light in your life is a warning—stop! But what if you could turn these red-light moments into encounters with God, insights on deeper faith, and motivation to go forward and discover all the riches life has to offer. Playing off this counterintuitive idea that red can mean go, award-winning television reporter Elictia Hart—now a wife, mother, and pastor—passionately shares how God transformed the red lights in her life into opportunities for personal growth and a richer sense of her purpose in His kingdom.

 With highlights from her intriguing career as a broadcast journalist, along with a unique look into the lives of beloved Bible heroes, Elictia explains how red-light moments can become green lights to go forward—trusting God and embracing your divine destiny.

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