Series: Counterpoints: Bible and Theology

Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond

By: Craig A. Blaising, Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Robert B. Strimple, Darrell L. Bock, Stanley N. Gundry
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Is there biblical evidence for a thousand-year earthly kingdom (the Millennium) ruled by Christ before the fulfillment of the new heaven and new earth?

Revelation chapter 20 seems to suggest so, but few books of the Bible are so difficult to interpret. And a discussion of the Millennium branches out into many other theological questions about the end times (eschatology): Are these the last days? What must happen before Jesus returns? What part does the church play?

This Counterpoints volume compares three views of the Millennium:

  • Premillennial: Christ will come again before this kingdom is established.
  • Postmillennial: our present age represents that kingdom and that the church is and must move toward the fulfillment of this kingdom.

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