Turn My Mourning into Dancing: Finding Hope During Hard Times - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: Henri Nouwen
Narrated by: Steven Grimsley
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In times of suffering, simple answers often ring empty and hollow--so how can you find hope in hard times? Learn how to survive the difficult seasons with the comfort and of God's constancy. With sensitive, practical advice, Henri Nouwen gently points you towards a life that is grounded in God’s companionship and rooted within eternal hope.  

In this newly formatted edition, Turn My Mourning into Dancing discusses five movements we experience during hard times:  

  • From Our Little Selves to a Larger World 
  • From Holding Tight to Letting Go 
  • From Fatalism to Hope 
  • From Manipulation to Love 
  • From a Fearful Death to a Joyous Life 

Nouwen has discovered that healing begins with taking our pain out of its toxic isolation and seeing our sufferings in communion with all humanity and all creation.

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