You Teach Vol. 5

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If you’re looking for a way to have more fun with the teens in your youth group and spend less time planning and working on your lessons, the Skit Guys are here to help! In this video series, you’ll get more than just entertaining videos! Along with each clip, you’ll find everything you need to incorporate it into a lesson or message. Perfect for youth groups, small groups, and Sunday school, the study guides, talk outlines, and discussion questions will have teenagers engaged (and make life a little easier on you and your leaders!). You Teach Volume 5 includes: • Too Deep, Too Soon: Wrong Love [0:01:07]• GreedHarmony [0:03:02]• The Interrogation: SVU [0:05:01]• Bull’s Eye Living with Stevie Stevenson [0:05:22]• Idol Worship [0:01:35]• Sheep and Goats [0:01:19]• Tug of War [0:05:06] As a BONUS, “Tug of War” can be used in your main church service—for the whole congregation.

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