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11 Simple Ways to Get into God’s Word Daily with Your Kids

11 Simple Ways to Get into God’s Word Daily with Your Kids

Today I’m sharing our list of 11 simple ways to get into God’s Word daily with your kids. No matter the time of year, reading the Bible is fun and exciting and even more so when you shake it up with these suggestions!

  1. Reading aloud before or during a meal can be a great option for developing a daily habit of getting into the Bible.
  2. Keep a perpetual devotional calendar or verse of the day calendar on the kitchen counter or dining room table.
  3. Read on rest periods at the pool or water breaks on a hike. Pausing for a few moments of rest during an activity is a great time to enjoy God’s Word.
  4. Have an old-fashioned Sword drill. Call out the book, chapter and verse and have the kids search their Bibles to find it. First one to find it begins reading it.
  5. Do a word search on your daily Bible reading passage. Read the passage before your children, then write a list of words for them to find and check off the list as they read. This exercise provides the opportunity for them to slow down and reflect on the passage a little more.
  6. Choose a phrase or sentence from the passage and make a list of as many words as possible in five minutes.
  7. Pick up a devotional you haven’t finished and choose a random reading.
  8. Listen to Bible verses in song as you ride in the car.
  9. Play a memory verse popcorn game. Have each person take a turn and as a group, say as many verses as you can in 6-8 minutes. Set a timer and keep count of the verses.
  10. Choose a focus word or use your child’s name and find a Bible verse that begins with each letter.
  11. Check out this list of awesome Bible apps for kids and enjoy God’s Word on digital devices.

If you’re looking for a resource to help you accomplish exactly this in just a few minutes a day, then the Read Me a Bible Story 365 story Bible is perfect for your growing family. You and your children can discover God’s unfolding story and His great love for His people.

Whether they take it to church or read the stories at home every day of the year, young children will love this beautifully illustrated collection of cherished stories from the Old and New Testaments.

So what are you waiting for? Get started getting in God’s Word today.

Your Turn

What ways have you found to have fun and enjoy the Bible with your kids?