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Preparing Our Hearts and Minds for Easter

Close-up of a father and son holding hands facing a crucifix

preparing hearts and minds for easterHoliday seasons are wonderful, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of preparations for activities and forget that our hearts and minds need preparation as well. Easter is the glorious celebration of Christ’s resurrection!

If there is ever a time we want to focus our hearts and minds on all that Jesus has done for us, then Easter is the season to do so.

5 ways to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter

1. Begin to focus on Easter during the weeks before.

Allow extra time to think and reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus throughout the week. Perhaps your family practices certain traditions throughout Holy Week? Some ideas might include having a special devotional time each day, reading Christian stories at bedtime about Easter like The Legend of the Three Trees, or reading chapter by chapter through the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection in one of your Bible Storybooks for kids.

2. Choose to keep a JOY journal the week of Easter.

Keeping a list of things and experiences for which we are thankful is a wonderful way to appreciate all Christ has done for us. Recognizing that every gift is from Him and because of Him prepares our hearts to embrace the joy He provides!

3. Center meal discussions on why Easter is important.

Mealtime is a wonderful time to have focused family discussions. Do you kids ask questions like these?

  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • Did Jesus know ahead of time that he was going to die?
  • If Jesus is God’s son, why didn’t he save himself from being killed?
  • What happened to Jesus’ body?
  • What is so significant about Jesus rising from the dead?
  • What was the ascension of Christ?

These are actual questions from curious kids that are collected in the book If I Could Ask God Anything by Kathryn Slattery. You can read through these questions and answers at meal times or over breakfast when starting your day — they are great conversation starters for digging deeper into the story of Easter!

4. Keep an open heart toward the Lord by confessing sin.

Have you talked to your kids about confession and asking God for forgiveness of their sins? Have you ever encouraged them to do this during hand-washing time? Talk to them about the story of Pilate’s involvement in the crucifixion of Jesus. When Pilate washed his hands, the washing signified his desire to be uninvolved in the crucifixion of Christ. You can teach your kids to use their regular hand-washing time as a time to praise God and ask for forgiveness of any of their sins.

5. Take time to notice and embrace the seasonal change of spring.

With the wonderful change in weather, children are noticing the warmer air, chirping birds, and many other gifts of nature in the springtime. Talk about the newness of life and all that God graciously gives. This wonderful resource, God Bless Our Easter, is the perfect book to remind preschoolers that each blessing comes from God. Little ones will love the animals pictured in this sweet book and notice the beautiful gift of new life.

Your Turn

We’d love to know: How does your family tune their hearts in to Easter?