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9 Ideas to Help Children Show Love

9 Ideas to Help Children Show Love

When the disciples desperately sought to understand what they should do as Christians, Jesus summarized the role of Christ-followers with this statement to them:

By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another. – John 13:35

Showing love sometimes comes naturally and sometimes is a learned behavior. For children, showing love is best learned by example. When they see the joy it brings to show love to others, then it’s exciting for them to model this behavior.

So what types of ideas can we provide to help children show love to one another, whether to a family member, a friend, sibling, teacher, or loved one?

9 Ideas to Help Children Show Love

1. Enjoy a hug or kiss when appropriate.

Take time to greet one another and say goodbye to one another.

2. Give gifts.

No matter the size of the gift, enjoy occasions where gifts can be a wonderful way to show someone your love. Special events are a great time to help children show their love, even with a simple gesture like coloring a picture for a loved one.

3. Provide praise and encouraging words out loud.

Hearing positive words is a great way for children to learn to say positive words.

4. Do a chore for someone.

Surprising someone by doing a routine duty for them that they usually do for themselves is a great way to show love.

5. Create a coupon book.

Coupon books are a great way to show love! When you create one yourself, it can be specific to the needs of the person for which you are creating the book.

6. Read stories with great examples of showing love.

Sometimes kids learn best when stories are presented to them in the third person. Every Day a Blessing is a sweet devotional featuring Scripture and a bite-sized message that will keep kids’ attention, help them discover God’s blessings, and develop a lifetime of gratitude.

7. Sacrifice for someone in need.

Make a personal sacrifice to provide the needs of someone else. For instance, if you buy a food item regularly, consider giving that up to donate the money to a bigger cause. When children see the personal sacrifices of their parents on behalf of others, it’s a GREAT way for them to see the importance of showing love.

8. Donate regularly to a needy cause.

Above and beyond tithing to your local church, find a specific cause that is close to the heart of your family and donate regularly.

9. Write a note or letter.

Handwritten notes and letters are becoming rare and therefore greatly appreciated!

While each of these individual acts may seem simple to you and your children, when practiced regularly, they can be a monumental act of love!

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Your Turn

What ideas do you have to help your children show love to one another?