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Beautiful Word Ephesians: Chosen

Beautiful Word Ephesians: Chosen

Opening Group Activity

(10–15 MINUTES)

What you’ll need:

⊲ Sheet of blank paper for each person

⊲ Pens, markers, and/or watercolors

  1. Each participant is invited to use the paper and drawing/writing tools to create a picture (words or images) of someone whose head is held high, one who is held somewhat up, and someone whose head is weighed down by life.
  2. Discuss the following questions:
    • Overall in your life, which picture best describes you right now? Why?
    • Which pictures best describes you right now in the following areas of life: professional, emotional, and spiritual?
    • What’s the area of your life where you most need God to help you walk with your head held high?

Session One Video


Notes: As you watch, take notes on anything that stands out to you.

It’s time to walk with your head held high. This means that you walk with confidence and strength in who God created you to be.

Want to walk with your head held high? Embracing that you are chosen changes everything.

Paul declares that you are chosen, adopted, and God’s possession.

Adoption in the ancient world often meant adopting adult children. If a wealthy family did not have a male heir, they would adopt a son in his twenties or thirties who would inherit the estate.

The Romans weren’t apt to adopt infants who were untarnished by life, unaffected by circumstances.

In ancient times, when a debt was paid, the creditor wrote “Paid in full” or “It is finished” across the certificate of debt, meaning the debt was cancelled.


Group Discussion Questions

(30–45 MINUTES)

1. Lori begins by sharing some of the burdens of life we carry. What’s the one life burden that’s weighing you down the most right now?

2.Read Ephesians 1:3-10. Which of the words or phrases in this passage do you struggle to believe is true of you? Which words or phrases in this passage are the easiest for you to embrace and live out?

3.Lori teaches,

We are chosen before the creation of the world, predestined for adoption, and chosen according to His plan and the purpose of His will. The idea of being chosen should lead us to our knees in thankfulness, to pour out our praise, to freely give our gratitude.

Describe a time when you were chosen. How did that make you feel and affect your ability to walk with your head held high? Why do you think it’s easy to forget these Biblical truths in everyday life? What can you do to remind yourself?

4.Read Ephesians 1:11-14. What are some of the spiritual blessings you have in Christ? Which is most meaningful to you today?

5.Lori teaches,

When the adoption was complete, the person who had been adopted had all the rights of a legitimate son in his new family. In the eyes of the law, he is a new person. The debts and obligations connected with his previous family were abolished as if they had never existed.

In what ways have you experienced Christ making you new? In what areas are you still clinging to your old life? Where do you most need to write the words “Paid in full” and “It is finished”?

6.What does it mean to you that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you (Ephesians 1:19-20)? What are some practical things you can do to walk with your head held high this week?

Close in Prayer

Consider the following prompts as you pray together for:

⊲ Heightened awareness of the riches of your spiritual blessings

⊲ Help to stay focused on the reality that you are chosen by God

⊲ Opportunities to help others walk with their heads held high

* * *

Your Turn

Let us know your thoughts on the Ephesians study. We want to hear from you!