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Coffee, Books and Bikes with Lisa Harper and Laura Story

Coffee, Books and Bikes with Lisa Harper and Laura Story

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Q & A with Lisa Harper and Laura Story

LH: I’m so excited, you’re in my town. It just makes me so happy — I feel like I get to eat french fries and dark chocolate today and I love, love, love this book. This title, When God Doesn’t Fix It, when I read it, I almost started crying because I think I lived under the assumption, I love that you call it a “myth”, that when this gets fixed, then either I’ll have faith or life will get better. I’m slowly learning that a lot of times God doesn’t fix it. That doesn’t mean He’s any less faithful or any less good.

I love that you wrote,

The myth is that things have to get better before I can get better, the truth is my situation may not get better but I can get better.

Is that the theme of this book?

LS: Absolutely. I grew up kind of believing that the abundant life that Jesus talked about in Scripture is when He fixes all of our problems and He answers all of our prayers exactly the way that we want Him to, in the time-frame that we want Him to. You live any amount of life and you realize that’s just not true.

I think the beginning of all this was when Martin, my husband, got sick nine years ago with a brain tumor. The Lord graciously spared his life and he has improved, but he hasn’t gotten a 100 percent better.

There’s a chapter in the book where I talk about the why? questions. If we could change from the why? questions to asking how these situations can be used for God’s glory.

LH: I want my daughter to see faith as not just a Sunday thing, or just a sugar-sweet thing, but it’s our breath.

LS: It’s interesting that our books, they’re on two different subjects, but such similar content because I believe that how the Lord keeps our faith vibrant is those trials that we walk through. God never says in His Word that we are going to understand our lives this side of Heaven.

LH: No, as a matter of fact, He says we won’t understand sometimes.

LS: Exactly, He always promises every chapter of our story, every broken thing we’ve walked through, they all find their purpose in His greater story of redemption.

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Your Turn

Have you ever walked through a time in your life when you asked God to change your situation and He didn’t come through like you prayed or hoped He would? Join the conversation on our blog! We’d love to hear from you about having faith even when God doesn’t fix your situation.