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Creating Art in Your Bible

Creating Art in Your Bible

As an artist, I personally find value in the worn and tarnished, the patina and tattered, the distressed and imperfect in the same way God sees our value in our seemingly worthless state. I draw inspiration from salvage shops, nature walks and honest expressions. Endless broken yet beautiful pieces of our world speak to us and serve an important reminder. Open your eyes to the world around and find the beauty of God’s creation in unexpected places.

I am always striving to find that intersection where my passion for art and my passion for God can work together to create something meaningful. It is important for all of us to do the same, no matter your career, job or hobby. God pursues us so passionately, so I want to return to him in the best way I know – and for me that is creating art.

While we know that God’s Word is already powerful enough to speak to the reader, I feel scripture art can only enhance beauty that flows through the words and bring us all closer to God and his wonder.

I often use various mediums interchangeably as the mood strikes or as necessity allows. For me, it’s always the process of creating that brings me personal fulfillment. I think we are all created to create good and beautiful things in God’s image, whether you have been blessed with artistic talent or not. The medium-of-choice is less important than the practice of channeling ideas from heart to head to hand, however the outcome may be. I believe that my passion to create is the most intimate way I know God.

Bible Coloring and scripture art is one of the many perfect ways that you can use your creativity as a prayer to the Lord. As I meditate on a scripture verse, I invite God to speak to me and flow through my hands. As I create something beautiful for Him, I use the quiet time to listen and receive what the Lord has for me. When we create, we can know the ultimate Creator in a deeper way.

The benefits of creating art in your Bible are unending. Through the beauty of the illustrated Word, you can pause, read, and be drawn in to explore God’s Word deeper than you have before. You may see familiar verses in a whole new light and remember verses that were once a challenge to memorize. By slowing down and taking time to mindfully color Scripture, you may even find more beauty and calm in the everyday moments of life.

As a Christian artist, I love being a part of a community that expresses faith in such a creative way. I also love helping people on social media and in real life develop this growing spiritual habit. In addition to practicing my own art, I was thrilled to be invited to participate as one of 7 artists for the Beautiful Word Bible. The project was inspired by the words of Philip P. Bliss:

“Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life.”

The closing line of Philip P. Bliss’ hymn says it perfectly. God’s Word is filled with beautiful, wonderful words that give us life. The words of Scripture are indeed beautiful for their love, grace, exhortation, correction, wisdom, hope, and truth they provide to all of us.

In the creation of this project, I was able to connect deeper with the Word and in turn, these Bibles create an outlet for others to do the same. With my time on this project and as my time as a hand letter artist, I’ve been asked for pointers and advice. While I don’t have a specific list of tutorials, I am happy to share the foundation of my practices.

Create what you need most. I find a scripture that resonates with my current situation and brings me peace or challenges me to be strong and stand tall. The rawness of that truth will inspire you to pour your heart into the margins. Take the key words from that verse and print them boldly on the page. Journaling is my declaration to trust in Him.

Make it an act of praise by highlighting a scripture verse that glorifies the goodness of the Lord. I create from the beauty of that truth. You can make your art an offering to God by giving Him your best creation.

Try listening to Christian music for inspiration while working. Music gets my creativity flowing, and music pairs perfectly with an art project. Many lyrics have verses taken directly from Scripture, so I’m often inspired to illustrate a specific verse after time listening and reflecting.

Journal and illustrate to remember. Thoughts, like time can be so fleeting and I long to capture where I am on my spiritual journey and what God has revealed to me during my quiet times with him. I can look back, remember, and see what I’ve learned and how far I’ve grown throughout the years. Last year’s struggle can make today’s challenges bearable.

I hope you find new ways to grow closer to the Lord by using your own expression. Remember that your creations are your songs to sing to the Lord. It doesn’t have to be beautiful in anyone’s eyes but God himself. And He will see the pureness of your heart as you pour it onto the pages and create for His purpose.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. — James 4:8

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Your Turn

How do you connect with the Word of God? If you take notes in the margins, maybe you can get a little creative and try calligraphy or a small drawing with a Bible verse. When we lift our praise to God through creativity and art, our thanksgiving comes alive! Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. We want to hear from you about creating art in your Bible! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full