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How to Encourage Children to Share Their Faith

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Encouraging children to share their faith with others is important, but sometimes forgotten. The pace of life can go faster than we intend and though we mean to invite others to church or share our faith in God, it’s easy to fall into normal church-going routines or get sidetracked and distracted from the intention.

Here are 10 simple ways you can encourage children to share their faith:

1. Be the example.

Children naturally copy their parents. If as the parent, I choose to share my faith, then my children will see that example.

2. Look for opportunities to share.

Being aware of people who cross your path each day and do not know Christ is very important. Training yourself to think “I wonder if this person knows Jesus” is a great way to begin the spiritually healthy habit of sharing God and our trust in Him.

3. Use tools to share your faith whenever you can.

Keeping cards or paper invitational tools from your church or ministry handy is a terrific example for encouraging your children. Asking your children if they would like to give a friend or a friend’s parent the card is an easy way to provide an opportunity for them to share.

4. Discuss nature and be specific about God as the creator of the world, the creator of human beings, and our need for Him.

Children love to see God in nature and they easily remember what they’ve learned. Sharing their findings with others is a beautiful result of learning about God for themselves. Nature can be a wonderful tool to help children share their faith. For more adventure, check out this outdoor Bible Verse scavenger hunt.

5. Read books that will build up the confidence of your children to share their faith.

An excellent resource that come to mind for this kind of encouragement are A Friend Planting Seeds Is a Friend Indeed. Or for preteens and teens, You Were Made to Make a Difference. This awesome book centers around changing hearts, changing lives and therefore, changing communities.

6. Use your apparel or other visual reminders.

Using church team shirts or VBS costumes as a springboard for faith discussions is a wonderful way for children to talk about their faith. Bible verses or acronyms on clothing can be a witness for Christ in an everyday way of life.

7. Let them practice sharing their faith with those who love them.

Sometimes Grandpa and Grandma are the ideal candidates to hear what Susie would like to say about Jesus!

Your Turn

We would love to hear from you. How do you encourage your children to share their faith in God?

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