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Exploring the World – and the Bible - with Your Kids

Exploring the World – and the Bible - with Your Kids

We finally did it! After months of wishing, hoping, talking, and saving, we booked our family’s first trip abroad. As soon as we did, I was filled with excitement but also with a bit of concern.

Where is the best place to stay?
Are the kids going to be able to handle the time difference?
How are we going to get around once we’re there?
What are the most important things to see?

I don’t want to miss anything!

My husband and I have been to the two cities we are planning to visit before, however, this trip will be very different because we are bringing our children.

I told myself, “You can do this!” and headed to our local library to get a few guidebooks, travel videos, and storybooks set in those locations. I downloaded an online travel itinerary app. I emailed friends that have been to the places we were going and asked for suggestions.

Even though there is some familiarity with the areas we will be visiting, I wanted to do some research and planning so that we could get the most out of our trip. I think it’s important for my kids to understand our destinations’ history, culture, and cuisine. I also wanted to discover what piques their interest and add it to our itinerary because I want them to be just as excited about the adventure as we are!

Sometimes when we read the Bible with our kids, it is like going to a foreign land.

Even though they’ve heard their favorite Bible stories over and over again and are familiar with many of the terms used, the stories are set in a time, location, and culture that they don’t know much about. Without that information, they may not be able to understand the significance of an agricultural term used in a spiritual lesson or the bravery it took to obey God despite cultural norms.

Understanding the context — the history, culture, and even cuisine, of the Bible — gives us a better understanding of God’s Word and just how revolutionary it is.

If the thought of sharing all of this with your kids feels overwhelming, you don’t have to worry, there is an excellent resource for you! It’s called The Bible Explorer’s Guide. It’s filled with 1000 amazing facts and photos that bring history to life. The information and the drawings in it will give you and your child a better understanding of the people and places you’re reading about. It’s almost as good as going back in time and experiencing it yourself.

I am sure that our kids will learn plenty from the Bible without knowing everything there is to know about the time and place in which it is set. However, just like our upcoming trip abroad, knowing some context will connect us to the people and places we are visiting plus make our experience that much richer.

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Your Turn

How has a better grasp of the context of the Bible helped you understand it? How have you approached teaching this aspect of Scripture to your children? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!