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Family Pain: The One Who Died on the Cross Understands

Family Pain: The One Who Died on the Cross Understands

Lord, You are the God of infinite strength and knowledge, mercy and love!

Pileups happen. Especially in families. That’s what happened to mine. That’s what happened to Keith’s. That’s the nature of family.

The ties are so close that the same cord that hangs one, tangles all. They say alcoholism is a family disease, but it’s not the only one. Both of my girls experienced some secondhand effects from my childhood victimization — Amanda battled outright fears, Melissa battled inward trust. And Heaven knows my husband was affected, just as I was, by his family’s losses.

Families pile up, but no matter who is at the bottom of it, no one is a lost cause. No one is too heavy to be pulled out. God delivers with “a mighty hand and an outstretched arm” (Deuteronomy 5:15). But He does it one person at a time. Remember, what He’s after is relationship. What He wants takes place one-on-one. Nobody gets delivered on somebody else’s coattail. Nobody gets out hanging onto somebody else’s ankle.

Jesus pulls each willing party out of the pit, one person at a time. And with His own scarred hand, by the way, just in case you think He doesn’t get our pain.

What cord in the generations of your family seems to have tangled you and/or your children?

Just as no one enters the kingdom on another’s coattails or reputation, no one gets out of the pit by hanging on to another person’s ankle.

Your Turn

From Beth: Why is this good news? What does it reveal about your Savior? No one is beyond Jesus’ saving reach! No pileup is beyond His careful and merciful untangling! And He who suffered and died on the cross definitely understands your pain.

Lord, God, thank You for today’s encouragement, for this truth rooted in Your unchanging nature and steadfast character. Life would be even more difficult if I couldn’t hope in You!

What is impossible with men is possible with God. — Jesus in Luke 18:27

Excerpted with permission from Looking Up by Beth Moore, copyright Thomas Nelson.

* * *

Being surrounded and deeply affected by family pain must be a part of our fallen-nature DNA because none of us can avoid brokenness in our families. You have family pain and so do I. Does it feel like some of those relationships are lost causes and the pileup is unmendable? Reread Jesus’ words in Luke 18:27 again and be encouraged that no one (not even that person you’re thinking about nor the person I’m thinking about) is beyond Jesus’ reach and no mess is too messy for God! Come join the conversation on our blog! We want to hear from you! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full