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Five Ways to Help Your Child Trust God in Tough Times

God is always good

When life is interrupted by distress or disaster, trusting God can be hard for adults, but especially for children. Children need help dealing with tragedy and understanding how to trust God when things seem out of control.

How do we take enormous concepts like original sin and suffering, and break them down in small, understandable opportunities to teach children about God? What if my child asks questions like “Why did God let this happen?” Today we have five ways for helping your child trust God in tough times.

1. Remind your child that we are God’s creation and He loves us more than we can imagine.

One simple idea for reminding children that God loves us is to write a love letter to your child. After reading the letter together, talk about God’s love letter to us – the Bible.

2. Share the unchanging promises of God’s Word.

God’s Word always brings comfort and reading it aloud or listening to an audio cd or app is a great way to share God’s promises.

What does the Bible say about trusting God in tough times? This list of Scriptures can help you review verses on trusting God even when things aren’t going perfectly.

3. Slow down and give your child the opportunity to enjoy extra quality time with you.

A few minutes of extra snuggling can provide just the extra boost of security needed when life seems full of questions. Sometimes this may mean cancelling an activity or making a change of plans. Giving the time your child needs could include making a seasonal change that lasts longer than a day or a week.

4. Give your child the opportunity to express his thoughts.

Perhaps you could start with the crayon box and have your child choose a color that matches their feelings. The next step could be coloring a pattern on a blank paper to express those feelings further. For older children, one idea to continuing to express confusing feelings could be drawing a picture or creating expression through writing or another art form.

5. Pray purposefully for the issue or concern.

Pausing to pray right in the moment of concern gives your child a living example of faith. As the old hymn says “We should never be discouraged; Take it to the Lord in prayer.” Remind your child that:

When things seem out of control, God is always in control.

God Is Always Good is a wonderful resource to share when your child is facing a difficult situation. By addressing the needs and fears of children with Scripture, this sweet book is sure to bring comfort and peace to your child’s heart, no matter the situation. This book is a great one to read while snuggling and will help your child feel secure in your love and the love of our heavenly Father.

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