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Friendship: God Made You Good

Friendship: God Made You Good

1 John 4:7-21
Psalm 139:13-16
Proverbs 27:17
Genesis 1:27

Working for love is exhausting to the bone, through and through. I can’t think of anything that will leave us high, dry, empty and brokenhearted quite like this hustle. We can spend our entire lives, every waking hour, trying to build our houses on insecurity, but those houses are going to come crashing down over and over again. They were laid on a cracked foundation. The bones are weak. The walls are made of sand. They can’t hold up through a storm.

You’ll be strong when they love you. You’ll be weak when you’re no longer their favorite. You’ll be high when they choose you. You’ll be low when you don’t get their invitation. You’ll be steady when they understand you. You’ll be shaky like an old car the second they question you.

You will take your worth and put it in somebody else’s hands, and off the top of my head, I can’t think of a less secure place for your worth to be held.

God did not create you, craft you, and carefully plan out each line on the palm of your hand so you could shut down and hide away because you got rejected.

God did not put all that wonderful work into you so you could walk away and decide you weren’t good enough. God did not meticulously make you so you could criticize, tear down, and condemn every single one of your quirks. And they are indeed quirks, not flaws.

Cars have design flaws. Clothes, shoes, and purses have design flaws — pieces of the fabric that weren’t sewn together quite right. Bicycles have design flaws. Phones have so many design flaws that I often want to scream. Anything made by people has design flaws. Anything made my God — is flawless. Wonderful, good, and beautiful. You’re a reflection of Him. You’re not perfect, but how bad can something made in His image really be? Seriously.

You can believe God is good, or you can believe He messed up when He made you, but you can’t do both.

Take your pick.


Father, I am in awe of Your perfection and Your wisdom. Thank You for creating me to be unique, and please help me to appreciate the characteristics You’ve given me. Amen.

Adapted with permission from I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) by Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, copyright Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston.

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Your Turn

You are not alone in losing friendships you treasured. It happens. But, it’s not the end. We were built for community, made for friendship, and you are so treasured and valuable! God made you that way! Come share your thoughts with us. We want to hear from you. ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full