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How to Make Bible Time Fun for Your Kids

How to Make Bible Time Fun for Your Kids

Planning Bible time that’s memorable and fun for the entire family can be a challenge. As parents, we intentionally try to snag some time to be purposeful about learning the Bible together, but if you’re like me, you may struggle with how to hold each family member’s attention! If family Bible time feels stale, try some of these interactive activities with BibleForce: The First Heroes Bible, written like a graphic novel with over 200 stories (especiallygreat for boys who are reluctant readers). Or if your family is made up of all girls, you may also want to try Brave Girls: Bible Stories.

Five creative ways to have family Bible time using BibleForce or Brave Girls Bible Stories:

  1. Use the story as the basis for a fun charades game!

    Read through the story, then act it out. Have each family member find a prop to assist in their part. For non-readers, prompt them to quote their character’s line after you. For readers, give them the opportunity to read their part or describe how they would feel if they were the person in the story. Encourage children to change the tone of their voice as they read to create different effects.

  2. Choose one of the characters and rewrite their lines using “extreme words.”

    These words could be action verbs or modern describing words. For example, “All Israel soon heard how wise the new king was” could be transformed into “Everyone knew the new king was poppin’!” or “That new king had smarts and everybody knew it!”

  3. Have everyone wear super hero capes, either costumes or make-your-own

    (Pillowcases and towels are awesome). After reading the story, chat about real-life super heroes in your church, school or community. This could be your pastor, a fireman, a nurse or even a friend battling cancer. You could even make a list of the qualities the story character exhibits that your local superhero also displays.

  4. Use household objects or items from nature to represent key items from the story.

    Elijah’s showdown against the prophets of Baal could be represented by pouring a cup of water over a toy blocks altar built after the story was read. Five smooth stones from the garden could represent David’s artillery against Goliath.

  5. Use the free audio BibleForce app for a fun read-a-long!

    After purchasing your copy of BibleForce, download the app from or the App Store or Google Play. Register the app and you’ll then receive a code to unlock the features in the free app for a bundle of extra enjoyment!

Your Turn

Reading BibleForce together as a family unleashes the fun of learning the Bible. I hope one of these ideas sparks your family to carve time to spend knowing God’s Word together. Which one would you like to try?