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Why Do Serial Innovators Succeed While Others Fail?


Watch this Exclusive Interview with Author Larry Osborne

Sometimes things just don’t go exactly as planned. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they flat out fail! But, failures don’t have to mean the end of the world. We chatted with Pastor Larry Osborne, author of Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, live about innovation and the Top 3 Reasons Why Serial Innovators Succeed.

And, we had malfunctions, internet issues, a false start, frozen cameras, misspellings (Check out Larry’s hashtag “#InnonationSecrets”), and mistakes galore — including going live accidentally ahead of time! How ironic!

“You’re never a loser when your experiment fails… but when your new over-sold initiative fails, you’re a loser and you lose credibility. When you say ‘We’re going to try something for a period of time’ and it doesn’t work and you get out of it, everybody applauds you for having tried things… Plus, you’ve learned one more thing that doesn’t work!”

Larry Osborne Answers These Questions in the Video Replay.

  • What exactly is innovation’s dirty little secret?
  • Why do most innovations fail?
  • What can we learn from miserable failures?
  • Why do we need exit strategies? Why should we not “burn the boats”?
  • Why shouldn’t we use the word “change”?
  • What are the three characteristics of successful serial innovators?
  • Why do you need a “John the Baptist” when you introduce a change?
  • What should innovators do when you get stuck?
  • How can churches create the best environment for innovation?

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