Why Consumer Christians Deserve a Little Love

Why “Consumer Christians” Deserve a Little LoveThe word on the street is that some believers actually select a church based on what it does for them.Imagine that!To the religious elite, ...

Why Board Meetings Go Bad

Structured for ConflictWhat is it about board meetings that brings out the worst in us?For the most part, church boards are made up of good and godly people. They sincerely ...

Why Do Serial Innovators Succeed While Others Fail?

Watch this Exclusive Interview with Author Larry OsborneSometimes things just don’t go exactly as planned. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they flat out fail! But, failures don’t have to mean ...

Innovators Plan in Pencil

Successful innovations tend to take on lives of their own. They seldom end up exactly where or what their creators thought they would be.Consider the story of Dr. Spencer Silver, ...

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Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Join the free Christmas Bible Study with Pastor Louie Giglio and get access to 4 study videos with Pastor Louie, bonus Advent resources, and session 1 of the study guide. Let's prepare our hearts to greet December 25th with joy, peace, hope, and refreshed promise in our newborn King. Study starts 12/4!

Oh come, let us adore Him!

Oh come, let us adore Him!

Celebrate the season with our 25 Days to Christmas devotional! This FREE download includes some of the most beloved seasonal devotions from Jesus Calling, Jesus Always and the new book, Jesus Listens.