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The Never Forgotten Bible

The Never Forgotten Bible

Some Christians are blessed to have parents who raised them in Church. I happen to be one of those lucky girls.

My mom took me to Church the first Sunday of my life. I have fond memories of several Church people and buildings in which I grew up. The red padded carpet and the wooden pews are still visible in my thoughts. I can see the platform, choir loft and strong oak pulpit in my mind’s eye, though I’ve not entered that church building in over 30 years. I can also remember sitting in the pew as my hands grasped my Church Bible.

My Church Bible was the one I was actually allowed to carry to Church. I had another Bible my parents bought for me when they took a tour of the “Holy Land.” As a child, I didn’t always understand what the “Holy Land” was and sometimes I pictured a desert with huge holes poked in the ground all over the land surface. (I also thought the words to the old hymn were “Bringing in the Cheese.”)

But the Bible I held in my hands? It was tangible. I could hold it and carry it in my purse. I loved to turn the whispery-thin pages and stare at the occasional color photo page of Noah and the ark or David and Goliath. Jonah and the whale often held my attention during long sermons, even though the thought of a whale spitting out a man made me squint my eyes.

The cover of my first Bible was vibrant in color and a picture of Jesus, surrounded by children, seemed to jump off the page. I remember all of this about my Bible and I wasn’t even in Kindergarten yet. I didn’t know how to read at the time, so every word in this Bible that I knew had been read to me by my parents or older siblings. Mostly I remember that my impression was that the Bible was unlike any other book in the world because it is God’s Word. Although I couldn’t read, the importance and holiness of this sacred Book was impressed on my mind at the age of four years old.

I’ve never forgotten my first Bibles. Maybe you haven’t either. And the awesome thing about a girl who never forgot her first Bible is that she fell in love with that Book and the God who wrote it. Because she realized just how much He loves her.

Teaching children the importance of God’s Word provides the opportunity for them to fall in love with Jesus, just as I did.

I learned at an early age that God’s love is for anyone and His book is for everyone.

The beautiful, new God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible is the perfect gift for sharing God’s love with little girls ages 6-10. With its gorgeous jeweled hard cover and 13 weeks of brand-new Bible study material by Sheila Walsh, the God’s Little Princess Holy Bible is sure to be one that your girls will never forget.

Just as I have precious memories of my first Bible and am passing that tradition on to my own children, I hope you will consider starting a similar tradition with your own kids. After all, it’s not just about the gift of a book, but the gift of love contained within its pages.

Your Turn

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