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Are You Stuck? A Bible Study by Jennie Allen

Are You Stuck? A Bible Study by Jennie Allen

If you have an easy time following Jesus, obeying what is in the Bible, and you’re making significant progress in your spiritual journey each day, you may not be interested in Stuck by Jennie Allen. However, if you find yourself broken, wondering why you can’t seem to make any headway, why even when you want to do good, you don’t… then you will find encouragement, hope, and relief in this small group Bible study.

Stuck by Jennie Allen is an eight-session, video-based study about broken people — but more importantly, it is about the God who restores those broken people.

God is a restorer. His business is to take broken, run-down, and “worthless” things and people and restore them to be whole, alive, and worthy.

In Stuck, Jennie will lead you on a journey to admit the state that you are in, and give it to God, who will take it and place it on his potter’s wheel and reform you into a new creation (Jeremiah 18). While the process may be painful at times, ultimately, God offers hope and freedom.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the trailer for Stuck by Jennie Allen above, and for a full first session, click over to YouTube here.