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Your Summer Online Bible Study is Here

Your Summer Online Bible Study is Here

Join us for The Daniel Prayer with Anne Graham Lotz

God keeps His word, but He waits for us to pray. ~ Anne Graham Lotz

Have you ever felt that Heaven has shut the door on you? Have you ever thought, God I really need Your help, but it feels like my prayers are weak and small. I don’t think You can hear me. My prayers just hit the ceiling and fall down on the floor.

Maybe you’ve tried to pray a few times, but ended up feeling… alone and unheard. Maybe you’ve prayed and nothing happened. Maybe you desperately need the Lord’s help but prayer seems to change nothing.

Or maybe you’ve prayed for many years and you know that God has moved on your behalf before, but He isn’t now and you’re left wondering why. You were full of faith and you want that vibrancy back.

If you are longing for a more powerful, passionate, and effective prayer life, I invite you to join us this summer for the six-week Online Bible Study The Daniel Prayer with the most wonderful teacher, Anne Graham Lotz.

I, too, have struggled with prayer. In fact, it’s been the biggest fight of my Christian walk. I have constantly seemed to struggle with concentration, content, and consistency. And that’s the primary reason the Daniel Prayer has taught me and blessed me and encouraged me and inspired me and motivated me to pray as Daniel prayed! ~ Anne

If we are frustrated in our prayer lives and feel powerless to reach God’s ear and know that He will act, first we need to know how to pray.

Daniel chose to persistently pray, claiming God’s promise for deliverance. God heard his prayer, kept His word, and set Daniel’s people free. ~ Anne

Daniel prayed a desperate plea to God. He continued in prayer not just one time, but until the Lord responded. Daniel’s prayers affected God and ultimately affected the entire nation.

Using the model of The Daniel Prayer and other Biblical examples, Anne will teach us how to pray. As she writes in the study…

“There was nothing professional or formulaic about his [Daniel’s] conversations with God. He didn’t pray out of obligation or to be polite in the presence of others. No, he we compelled to pray passionate, heartfelt, laser-focused, soul-gripping prayers until the very throne of Heaven was moved.”

What was his secret?

Come join us as we learn how to pray as Daniel did. Together we’re going to study the Word of God, lay hold of the promises of God, and learn to pray with effectiveness and power!

We, too, can choose to pour out our hearts to God in honest, longing prayer. ~ Anne

Our Daniel Prayer Online Bible Study Schedule

Session One (June 11-17) – Bible Study Workshop
Session Two (June 18-24) – Preparing for Prayer
Session Three (June 25-July 1) – Prompting in Prayer
Session Four (July 2-8) – Pleading in Prayer
Session Five (July 9-15) – Prevailing in Prayer
Session Six (July 16-22)– Battling in Prayer
Catch Up Week (July 23-29) – Watch all the videos again

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. — 2 Chronicles 7:14

Watch the Invitation from Anne

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Your Turn

It’s our National Day of Prayer, and I can think of no better way to honor this day by making a commitment to spending your summer in prayer! Join the conversation on our blog and let us know you’ll be with us! And gather up your friends, family, and neighbors and invite them, too!

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