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What Do You Do When It Storms?

What Do You Do When It Storms?

I never dreamed I would write a book about storms. Well, I also never dreamed I would face such tragedies but… it happened.

I learned that storms are inevitable, and unfortunately they’re not a dream. A dream about a storm would be great but storms that become reality can be something else. When you experience losing a close loved one, a lucrative career or your dream home, it is not always easy to come from under the rubble. I’ve been there and felt that!

However, I’ve concluded that one of the best thing about storms is that if and when you survive one, you can help someone else to weather their storm.

After all, aren’t we down here to make people and things better? Better still, if you “thrive” after a storm, you should be more than happy to tell someone your victory story which will give hope and proof to them that they can make it through their most difficult seasons.

As I began to write this book, I literally had to re-live some of the emotions I had gone through during my storms. It was painful. So, not one time in this book do I say, “Don’t cry or be bothered by your storms.” I absolutely don’t and will never do that. Why? Because every storm takes something away from us. Some things it takes away are insignificant but others things are invaluable. What do you do when you lose your best friend or your best anything? It can be very painful and cause much grief. We will cry but hopefully not forever.

What do you do?

This is a significant question and I’ve discovered, must be seriously investigated. There are some storms that can rip away things from us that shake and shatter the very core of who we are. Things that were extremely precious to us and cannot be replaced. On the other hand, during the storm recovery period, we may discover that we actually had misplaced values. In either case, we must learn to cope with what we have lost. It is a process though and in those extreme cases, that can be quite challenging. However, although what we lost was valuable, life is also precious and very valuable.

As long as we are alive, purpose is still alive in us.

You were left here for a reason therefore to feel whole again, you must simply struggle and search through what’s left to find it. I wrote this book especially to help people to struggle through what’s left to get beyond their most difficult situations.

In the beginning, I talk about my life before the storm because it is significant that we reflect and establish where we were before a storm. This helps, in that it allows us to reminisce about the accomplishments we’ve made and even the hardships we’ve already come through. This can be used as mental ammunition against the voices that shout lies to us in the midst and aftermath of our storms.

As I said earlier, storms take something away from us but storms also can grow us. In fact, in order to thrive after a storm, growth is mandatory. One way to grow is through a divine connection. God, Himself, can bring clarity to your chaos and give divine direction. After coming out of many of my storms, I knew it was God’s wisdom guiding me through.

After dealing with a storm, then comes the aftermath. After a storm, one can become rattled and disorientated but you must learn to compartmentalize things in order not to become overwhelmed and stuck but move forward.

In “Beyond the Storm”, I give several tools to be utilized to help rebuild your life. One, is to clean up things just as we do after a weather storm. You must shake off the mud and remove the debris from your life by using “insight rather than eyesight.” In utilizing insight, it will help you to develop a healthy mindset, forgetting the past but focusing on your now and your future. If you are unable to do it alone, employ the help you need to start rebuilding your life differently. We must not be ashamed to say we don’t know something or that we know in part but need to seek help from someone. Your ability to see the details that matter and push past the ones that don’t is pivotal when you are navigating beyond a storm season.

The rebuilding process in the aftermath of a storm can be wearisome but you must be consistent and intentional. You must rebuild stronger and better as well as be fully aware that other storms may come. Therefore, I suggest in the book that you “storm proof” yourself. Applying the lessons learned while going through your storm and making the necessary positive changes, will fortify you for whatever is in the forecast.

My book, “Beyond the Storm” will provide both practical and spiritual strategies that will strengthen you from the inside out and the outside in. You will discover, as I did, (even after my worst storm), “All Storms Aren’t Bad”. With the suggested tools, you will become a Storm Chaser. Instead of a victim, you will become a victor. No matter what storms come into your life, no matter what category it is, you will no longer merely survive but you will THRIVE!

Written for Faith.Full by Debra Morton, author of Beyond the Storm.

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Your Turn

Are you in a storm, friend? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out what to do right after a storm has passed through your life. Jesus is your strength. He has you by His mighty right hand and He will uphold you. And He will lead you to thrive! If you need prayer, come share with us. We want to hear from you! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full