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What You Do Matters

What You Do Matters

I’ve got a question for you. When you’re facing a hardship, challenge, or uncertainty, where do you turn for answers in the Bible? Do you flip open the book and simply see where the pages land? Or do you know what book of the Bible will offer the comfort, encouragement, and clarity you need?

Other than the Gospels, which are packed with the teachings of Christ, do you know which book of the New Testament sounds the most like Jesus?

It’s James!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The author of this book, James, was the sibling of Jesus. They were raised by the same mom, played in the same yard, and shared the same meals around the table.

  • Yet despite watching his brother perform mighty miracles and deliver life-changing teachings, James remained a skeptic for quite some time.

But something about the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus changed everything for James. He became a vibrant believer, and one of the leading voices in the Church of Jerusalem.

He penned his letter to Jewish believers who were experiencing persecution and poverty. Many had been seduced by popular culture and had fallen prey to division and quarrels. Throughout his letter, James echoes the refrains of his brother Jesus, especially those found in the Sermon on the Mount. He knows that it’s easy to get sidelined in life — by struggles, disappointments, judgments, distractions, and divisions.

James’ letter is a rallying cry to listen to God’s words, and to look for every opportunity to live them out.

Genuine love of God expresses itself through faith and What we do matters.

I can’t wait to take this journey through James with you!

Excerpted from James: What You Do Matters by Margaret Feinberg, copyright Margaret Feinberg.

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Your Turn

Please, join us for the James OBS starting April 22nd! Grab a friend and sign up today! What we do matters. Growing in maturity is part of our faith journey. When we follow Jesus, do what He says, and become more like Him, we can put our faith into action! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full