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Yes! You Can Color, Draw, and Paint in Your Bible (or Bible study)!

Yes! You Can Color, Draw, and Paint in Your Bible (or Bible study)!

A New Form of Worship: Bible Art Journaling

Bible art journaling – have you heard of it? Journaling in the margins of your Bible isn’t something new, but drawing, doodling, and creating art in your Bible is becoming tremendously popular as a way to connect with God’s Word in a creative new way! In my community, I’m seeing so many women (and some men!) exploring this as a form of worship. It can be defined as putting creative expressions of your thoughts and prayers into your personal Bible using all kinds of art supplies like pens, paints, stamps and more.

There are no rules to Bible art journaling – how you do it is entirely up to you!

As an artist working in a relatively new worship medium, I do get plenty of questions about how to get comfortable coloring and creating in your Bible. I am in the business of reassurance lately! I encourage people to take their sermon notes, review passages from their Bible studies, or look up favorite verses and begin with writing their thoughts, prayers or praises in the margins. Everyone has their own approach to quiet time, and this activity can enrich time in God’s Word.

It’s just fine to write and create in your Bible – it will help you set his words in your heart, assist with Scripture memorization and encourage you to come back to reflect on sermon notes and Bible study illustrations during the week. We were created to create, and God has made us creative beings that can reflect His glory through personal expression.

My story

I became a Christian in high school after an invitation to a youth group. As a new Christian who had not spent time in the Bible before, I wanted to dig deeper into Scripture and really explore all the promises of God. The young man who invited me to youth group later on became my husband; he felt a calling to ministry and became a pastor. I found myself in the unexpected role of pastor’s wife and really struggled with expectations, not sure of where I fit. Again, I immersed myself in God’s Word and began to document all of my prayers and praises, and then really began to understand the abundant life God called me to live!

I’ve always been a creative type – a doodler while in church and in Bible studies. (I’m going to guess that some of you can relate!) Drawing helped me retain messages I was hearing. My Bible was full of notes and highlighted passages. I started with colored pencils and the rest is history… my journey into Bible art journaling began! I am blessed to now own a creative resources company that focuses on Bible art journaling. I love inspiring others in their walks with Christ!


Ready to Try It?

The first thing you’ll want is a Bible with room in the margins for journaling, like the Beautiful Word Bibles. Or start small, and try experimenting in the workbook format of the new Beautiful Word Bible Study series!

Check out these exciting new resources that will help you try Bible art journaling, setting God’s Words in your heart.

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Your Turn

What a perfect reminder that you were created by our ultimate Creator and Craftsman! Share with us any of the ways that you’re combining your creativity and your faith! Have you tried adult coloring books? Are you journaling in the margins of your Bible? Do you want to learn? Join the conversation here on the blog…