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You’re Invited to the Good Boundaries and Goodbyes Online Bible Study

You’re Invited to the Good Boundaries and Goodbyes Online Bible Study

Hey, friends! 

I want to invite you to what I truly believe is one of the most essential studies we’ve ever offered at FaithGateway as a community OBS! The topic is biblical boundaries and the teacher is Lysa TerKeurst — win-win! The Good Boundaries and Goodbyes Bible study is one I sincerely wish I’d had access to years ago so that I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes in relationships. I wish I had learned from Lysa much earlier in life how to set healthy boundaries— and how to say goodbye to someone when boundaries were not enough.

“Relationships are wonderful . . . until they're not.” ~ Lysa

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes by Lysa TerKeurst is just what you and I need to identify toxic behaviors in our relationships! When others run over the top of us, or try to guilt or shame us into doing or giving them what they want, or continue in toxic patterns which break us down, we need biblical wisdom and tools to manage those relationships with discernment and care. When people take advantage of, use us, make unrealistic demands, and make wrong assumptions about us when we say no, we need solid God-wisdom to know how to behave and what choices to make.

“Boundaries aren’t just a good idea, they are a God idea.“~ Lysa

This study is applicable to everyone. All of us wonder at times if setting a boundary is selfish and unloving. And, we likely all have been in a relationship that has become far too damaging and even unsafe and not known what to do that would please God. We may have been asking ourselves:

  • Is it possible to save a painful and even destructive friendship with someone I truly care about?
  • When a relationship becomes chaotic and unbalanced, what do I do?
  • Is it ok to end a friendship that is no longer healthy for either party? What does Jesus say about that? 

This study will help us love those around us well without losing ourselves while we’re at it. The point is to honor God with how we treat others and to teach others how to love and care for us, too. 

“Love should draw us together, not tear us apart.” ~ Lysa

God designed us for relationships, so He has the wisdom we need to navigate them well. Employing biblical boundaries will help us maintain the friendships and relationships we love and navigate the more difficult ones. It’s not selfish; boundaries are actually the best way to love God and love others well and in a way that honors God and our own needs.

“Boundaries aren’t just so we can stay in a good mood and be nice to others… it’s so we can keep the best of who Christ has called us to be intact…. keeping our thoughts and our heart motives in line with biblical wisdom and instruction.” ~ Lysa

And, as always, there are freebies!

Sign up for the FREE Online Bible Study and get access to:

- 6 Study Videos with Lysa

- 5 Reasons Your Boundaries Aren’t Working – a guide to help you when something has to change, 

- Access to the online Bible study community of others going through the study with you, and

- First chapters of the book & study guide to start reading right away!  

Join us as we grasp onto the Word of God and glean from Lysa’s years of personal Bible study and counseling to live better, love better, and be healthier. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes OBS starts July 24th – I hope you’ll join us!