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You’re Invited to the Revelation: Extravagant Hope Online Bible Study with Margaret Feinberg

You’re Invited to the Revelation: Extravagant Hope Online Bible Study with Margaret Feinberg

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. — Revelation 21:4

Oh, Lord, how long?

All over the world we are praying “Oh, Lord, how long?” So many of us have been through absolutely agony, chaos, struggle, sickness, financial misery, deep worries, division, bereavement, and the biggest crushings of our lives and it feels like it will never end. Isn’t that the truth? Who could have imagined these days… it feels like all hell has broken loose?! If there’s one prayer I’ve personally prayed over and over the last few years it’s been, “Oh Lord, how long?”

To be honest, the very last thing I think during times of crisis and pain, testing and trial is, “Turn in your Bible to Revelation…” BUT, what if that strange and curious book is “actually God saving the best for last?”

This is the challenging question Margaret Feinberg asks in her new study Revelation: Extravagant Hope and I’m so excited to invite you to join the Online Bible Study starting May 2 so we can study this in community together!

If you had to answer a Jeopardy question in category “Mysterious books of the Bible for 800”, I’m betting that it would come straight out of Revelation. If there is one book in the Word of God that people consider most confusing, it’s Revelation..

Dragons and beasts, cups, bowls, trumpets, and what not… Y’all gone mad! It’s Alice and some looking glass scenario, right? But, as Margaret will challenge us in this study, what if you opened this beautiful, odd book and discovered…

Revelation is a survival guide for the suffering, a book of promises for the persecuted, a banner of hope for the beaten down.”

What if it’s God saying to us, through the Apostle John who authored it, “Sit down and let me tell you a story… a true story… of extravagant hope

We long for God to come through for us. We crave for restoration and resolution. Nothing crushes our spirits like waiting without hope. So, God gave John a sneak peek into Heaven in part so we could see His majesty and glory, His strength, power, and the goings on in the heavenly realms.

It is the hope of heaven. It is the hope of Jesus returning in glory and power.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God,  
“who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” —
Revelation 1:8

John, the author of the book of Revelation, was blessed to see what each of us longs to know, and he gave us a descriptive and poignant expression of the place, the end, and the eternity that God has promised to us. God has indeed saved the best for last, and in Revelation's pages He gives us the one thing we all long for — hope, extravagant hope. 

You are worthy, our Lord and God, 
    to receive glory and honor and power
for You created all things, 
    and by Your will they were created 
    and have their being.
— Revelation 4:11  

The troubles of this world do not go on like this forever. No. Almighty God has the victory. We have massive reason to hope in Christ and live in victory even when life is crushingly hard. Jesus showed us how to live and Revelation, this astonishing book, is the capstone of hope to the Bible, the triumphant exclamation point of God!

Won’t you join us as we step into Heaven through this study of Revelation and see what amazing things God has to say to us?

It’s going to be one incredible, life-changing experience!

Are you ready? Join the study today and get FREE access to all 6 study videos with Margaret, the free Scripture memorization bookmarks and coloring pages to use throughout the study, bonus Bible study resources and more!

Are you in?

~ Laurie McClure, your OBS leader