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You’re Invited to the Dance, Stand, Run OBS

You’re Invited to the Dance, Stand, Run OBS

Becoming a Kingdom Woman

I believe God wants to change us – me, you, all of us together – and use our lives to change the world. ~ Jess Connolly

I can’t wait one single paragraph to invite you to join us in the Dance, Stand, Run Online Bible Study with our teacher Jess Connolly, so here it is: You and I need this study, friends. Jess is such a passionate Jesus-lover and teacher of the Word. She’s an anointed preacher and encourager of women to run hard after God, to give it all we’ve got and enjoy the journey together. I promise you will love her zeal and enthusiasm. She is all about our King. She’s a woman on a mission… which is exactly what we’re going to be talking about!

Spoiler alert: I am a daughter of God. You are a daughter of God. We have all we could ever need, want, or ask for in Jesus. He came to bring us abundant life (John 10:10)!.. the kind we can’t help but share with the world around us.

Do you ever forget that truth? I do! I forget all the time.

My heart is a wanderer and my soul is absent-minded. When Jesus is not the bullseye, I find myself feeling aimless, empty, floundering, unfulfilled, achy for excitement, and maybe just a touch grouchy with the people who matter the most.

What would it look like if we chose faith over fear, compassion over comparison? What if we as daughters of God stood our holy ground and ran hard after His Kingdom? We could change the world, rather than be changed by it. And it starts now. ~ Jess

I want more of Jesus and to live a life of purpose and meaning. I want my days on this earth to have impact and importance to the Kingdom of God. Don’t you? That’s where the joy is! If that’s not ringing a loud bell in your soul, do you want to want to?

Do you ever find yourself asking Where do I stand with you, Jesus? What am I even doing here? I feel passionless, useless, and uninspired. In the busyness of life (family, friends, work, school, church, kids) it’s so easy to get into a groove that feel monotonous and unremarkable… like what we do won’t matter a bit in the long haul.

But, the truth is that Jesus came to bring us life in all its fullness. In Him, we can

  • Dance in grace
  • Stand in holiness
  • Run on mission

Those bullets are God’s very best for you and for me!

We have a mission as daughters of God… to run on Holy Ground.

If we could see the fullness of our sin and the depth of His grace, we’d dance. If we knew our true identity as holy daughters of God, made right with Him and called to stay set apart for His glory and our abundance, we’d stand firm. And if we fully grasped both of these things, you wouldn’t be able to stop the women of God from running on mission. ~ Jess

I want God’s best, don’t you? Jesus came to offer it us. If we want it. If we go for it. If we remember who we were made to be in Him, alongside our sisters in Christ! If we dance, stand, and run!

To His glory!

I hope you will join us for the Dance, Stand, Run Online Bible Study. We’re going to dive deep into Scripture, challenge each other to remember who we are (daughters of the King), and worship every week.

The Dance, Stand, Run OBS starts April 2nd and continues for six Scripture-packed weeks, so register today. Don’t miss out on all the free goodies you can download to get going. I can’t wait for us to be ignited by the Word of God, exhorted by Jess, and start living Kingdom-changing lives and Kingdom women!

* * *

Your Turn

Will you join us? We want you on our team of sisters learning to dance, stand, and run for His glory together! Register here right now and let us know that you’re in! ~ Laurie McClure, your Online Bible Study leader